industrial commercial propert loan

Property Loan

Purchase or refinance your business property for
greater savings

Property Loan

Purchase or refinance your business property for
greater savings

At a Glance
With DBS’ Property Loan, you can borrow up to 40% of the cost of your commercial, industrial, or residential property purchase. Whether you want to purchase a business property, or refinance your current mortgage for business expansion, we can help structure a mortgage loan solution that will move your business forward.
Attractive rates

Attractive rates

Maximise your savings with attractive interest rates.



Choice of fixed or floating packages to suit your business needs


Convenient to apply

Save time and apply for a DBS Property Loan for your business mortgage online today!


Loan Amount

Up to 40% of the cost of commercial, industrial, or residential property


Loan Tenor

Up to 20 years



How to apply

To apply for DBS’ Property Loan and get the mortgage you need to purchase the premises of your Hong Kong business, simply call DBS BusinessCare at 2290 8068 or visit our SME Banking Centres and our Relationship Manager will be glad to assist you.

Apply loan under HK$10 million
Apply loan over HK$10 million
What is a Property Loan for businesses?

A Property Loan gives SMEs the opportunity to cash out commercial, industrial, and residential properties in Hong Kong via mortgage. The mortgage provided by DBS is based on the property’s market valuation, but significantly benefits companies as it helps them free up crucial cash flow that can be used to benefit other aspects of the business.

What is the maximum amount of DBS’ Property Loan for businesses?

DBS’ Property Loan will cover up to 40% of your business’ commercial, industrial, and residential property valuation in Hong Kong. To learn more about our mortgage or fixed asset services, please call DBS BusinessCare at 2290 8068 or visit our SME Banking Centres and our Relationship Manager will be glad to assist you.

How long do I have to pay back my business’ Property Loan?

The tenure of DBS’ Property Loan is up to 20 years, but this depends on the property your business wants to purchase in Hong Kong and its market valuation. The mortgage amount will be dependent on the assessment of the independent appraisers appointed by DBS.

How can the Property Loan help my business grow?

Our Property Loan can be bundled with other facilities such as an overdraft or trade facility, which means we can help you manage your cash flow while financing your property purchase through the payment of your business mortgage in Hong Kong.

What type of loan packages do you offer and which is right for me?

We offer both prime basis and HIBOR rate basis packages, as well as specially bundled solutions to support your business plan and match your appetite for risk. Depending on the property your company wants in Hong Kong, along with its valuation, DBS will work with you to provide the mortgage you need so that your business can ascend to unprecedented heights.

Will your valuation of the property and purchase price differ?

We appoint independent appraisers to assess the market value of the property to ensure your purchase price matches with the market level. 

Why should I refinance?

Refinancing with DBS could help you better manage your cash flow for repayments by offering flexible repayment tenures with low interest rates.


To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!