dbs visa business advance debit card

Corporate ATM Card

Bank on the go, anytime, anywhere

Corporate ATM Card

Bank on the go, anytime, anywhere

At a Glance
Designed to offer convenient and flexible control over day-to-day banking anytime and anywhere, even when business takes you overseas.


No annual card fee



Over 1 million ATMs via JETCO and China UnionPay ATM networks



24-hour reporting for a lost or stolen card

Features & Benefits


Perform withdrawals, deposits, transfers, balance enquiries, bill payments, donations and more

money stack

In your control

Personalise your daily limit up to HKD20,000 for withdrawals, transfers and payments


Convenient overseas

Use overseas ATMs, with customisable activation periods and withdrawal limits

Eligibility & Fees

To apply for a Corporate ATM Card, you must:

  • be a business owner or someone who is authorised to sign documents for a company
  • apply on behalf of a company that maintains at least one Business Account
How to Apply

If you are already a DBS SME Banking customer, simply complete an Application Form and visit any of our SME Banking Centres to apply for a Corporate ATM Card. 

If you are not a DBS SME Banking customer, you will need to apply DBS Online Account Opening for Business in order to apply for a Corporate ATM Card. 

Who should I contact if my Corporate ATM Card is lost or stolen?

Please call DBS BusinessCare at 2290 8068 or visit any DBS SME Banking Centres to report the loss or theft of your card.

What type of account can be linked to my Corporate ATM Card?

You can link your Current Accounts, Savings Accounts and Multi-Currency Savings Accounts in HKD and RMB.  

Security Tips
Safeguard ATM PIN
  • Destroy the original printed copy of the PIN.
  • Change your PIN immediately if you suspect it has been exposed to others or the moment you suspect any unauthorised access.
  • Do not allow anyone else to use your card and your PIN.
  • Bank staff will never ask you for the PIN. Do not disclose your PIN to anyone, including family, friends and people claiming to be bank employees under any circumstances.
  • Never to write down the PIN on the card or on anything usually kept with or near it.
  • Do not to write down or record the PIN without disguising it. Keep your PIN separate from your Card.
  • Change your PIN and check your transaction records regularly.
  • If your card is lost, stolen or retained by a DBS ATM, or in any circumstances that PIN is disclosed , or in case of any suspicious transactions or situations, call our call DBS BusinessCare at 2290 8068 immediately.
  • Do not use easily accessible personal information such as telephone numbers or date of birth as PIN.
  • Do not use your PIN in other services (such as services on the internet).
Safeguard your card and personal information
  • Your personal and card information including HKID, bank account number, ATM card, ATM PIN, IDEAL user ID & password, etc should be kept in a safe place. Please keep your card and account user ID separate from the password/PIN. Do not share or reveal this personal information with any third parties to avoid misuse of your account information. 
  • Inform the bank if you lose your personal identity documents (e.g. HKID, Passport) to prevent fraudsters from trying to access your accounts and / or unauthorised use your identity. Remember to update your contact information such as your company phone number, mobile phone number, and registered address so that all bank notifications are addressed timely to the right contact. 
  • Ensure the contact details registered with the bank are up-to-date for the purpose of receiving important notifications (such as SMS and email notifications) from the bank. 
  • Pay attention to all notifications sent by the bank as there may be important messages that require you to act promptly.
Safe use of ATM
  • Do not enter your PIN when someone else can see you keying it in.
  • When conducting an ATM transaction, use your hand to shield your PIN.
  • Beware of objects attached to an ATM (e.g. pin hole camera), anything unusual about the card insertion slot, keypad and keypad cover, and its unusual operation (e.g. retaining your card for no good reason).
  • Do not remove any banknotes from a cash dispenser and ATM card from a card insertion slot left behind by a previous user. The banknotes and ATM card will be automatically retrieved by the ATM.
  • Count the banknotes immediately after cash withdrawal.
Avoid Phishing
  • Always enter the full URL of DBS Hong Kong website (www.dbs.com.hk) into your browser to access DBS IDEAL.
  • If you receive an email warning you that your DBS account will close unless you reconfirm your personal information, do not reply or click on the link in the email.
  • Avoid emailing personal and financial information. Before submitting financial information through a website, look for the "lock" icon on the browser's status bar. It signals that your information is secure during the transmission. DBS will never solicit personal and financial information from you via a form or in an email.
Beware of fraudulent e-mails
  • Do not reveal your PIN to anyone. Be suspicious of any e-mail asking you to provide sensitive account information.
  • Disregard and delete spam, chain and junk e-mails.
  • Do not access the DBS website via hyperlinks embedded in e-mails or search engines
  • Always type www.dbs.com.hk into your browser address bar or use Favorites/Bookmarks to access our site.
  • Avoid accessing DBS IDEAL on any Internet services which needs your input of passwords through public/shared computers at Internet cafes, public libraries, etc.