Virtual Account

Know who’s paying you with easy reconciliation

Virtual Account

Know who’s paying you with easy reconciliation

At a Glance
With DBS Virtual Account (VA) solution, you can assign each Virtual Account to a paying customer for easy reconciliation of your collections.


Identify customers and the purpose of payments clearly



All Virtual Accounts are electronically connected to your registered account



Check your daily account activity via IDEAL easily

Features & Benefits

Save time and lower costs

Assigning a Virtual Account number to each paying customer in Hong Kong or overseas helps you keep track of payments from each of them


Create instant Virtual Accounts

You are free to create and change the Virtual Account numbers assigned to your payers at any time


Better control and insights

Manage day-to-day incoming funds from your key customers easily with a Virtual Account

stay updated

Stay updated

Check your summary and account activity for each Virtual Account via DBS IDEAL online banking platform or IDEAL Connect (our host-to-host solution). Easy to use and access in PDF, Excel and CSV formats

How it Works


How to Apply

Arrange a call with our Relationship Manager.

Call us at 2290 8068.

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What is a Virtual Account?

A Virtual Account (VA) is an account created and assigned to each of your paying customers, for example, a main distributor or buyer, so that your business will be able to differentiate each payment from the payment source. The payments made to the different Virtual Accounts will be automatically directed into your Business Account registered for the Virtual Account.

Do I need a DBS Business Account to use a Virtual Account?

Yes, you will need to have a Business Account with us to use this service. Your Business Account will act as your Master Account that gets credited when your payers pay into a Virtual Account.

How many Virtual Account numbers can I create?

You can create as many Virtual Account numbers as required for your business banking needs. Each Virtual Account number has up to 16 digits. All you have to do is to customise the last 9 to 11 digits of your Virtual Account number and assign that Virtual Account number to one of your paying customers. You repeat the same process for other paying customers.

When my customer pays me through the Virtual Account number, does the fund go directly to the VA or my account registered for the VA?

The funds will go directly to the account registered for the Virtual Account, since the Virtual Account serves only as a mirror account for the Business Account registered. The purpose of opening a Virtual Account through our bank is to help your accounting with a better process for consolidation and tracking of payments from the same payer.

Which account should I register for the Virtual Account?

The Current Account that you hold with us is referred to as the account registered for the Virtual Account.