Social Enterprise Package

Solutions to help you focus on your cause, not the cost

Social Enterprise Package

Solutions to help you focus on your cause, not the cost

At a Glance
Specifically designed to address the needs of social enterprises, this low-cost banking solution leaves you free to focus on your cause.

Fee Waiver

Enjoy Fee waiver for Corporate Account set up fee and monthly service fee


Multi-currency account

Transact in HKD and up to 13 foreign currencies

nature & ecology

Carry out your daily business banking needs

Offer a comprehensive range of services designed to help you grow

Features & Benefits
Social Enterprise Package Offer  
Corporate Account Set-up Fee Waiver
Corporate Account Monthly Service Fee Waiver
Corporate Account Annual Administration Fee Waiver
IDEAL Online Banking Telegraphic Transfer Transactions Fee1 Waiver for first 3 months1
ec-Loan Programme2 Preferential interest rate


The Social Enterprise Package Promotion is subject to relevant terms and conditions. For details, please refer to Terms and Conditions.

1IDEAL Online Banking Telegraphic Transfer Transactions Fee Waiver refers to waiver of the transaction fee levied on telegraphic transfer(s) conducted using IDEAL Online Banking within the 3 consecutive months (“Offer Period”) starting from the 1st day of the third month after the DBS Business Account(s) successfully opened and IDEAL Online Banking successfully activated. For the avoidance of doubt, any fees chargeable (including telegraphic transfer(s) transactional fee) on the successful opening of new Business Account(s) and successful activating of IDEAL Online Banking beyond the Offer Period shall still be payable to the Bank.  IDEAL Online Banking Telegraphic Transfer Transactions Fee Waiver is subject to a maximum fee waiver for up to 20 online banking outward telegraphic transfer(s) per calendar month and full wavier for online banking inward telegraphic transfer(s) during the respective Offer Period.  Eligible customer will be charged at the relevant standard transaction fee upfront. The rebate amount will be subsequently credited into the designated HKD account in the month following which the corresponding standard transaction payment(s) is/are made.

2Customers must apply for the ec-Loan Programme successfully to enjoy the offer.

How to Apply

You may apply via our DBS Online Account Opening for Business.

Alternatively, please download and complete the application form and submit it at any DBS SME Banking Centres.

You may also Make an Appointment or call DBS BusinessCare at 2290 8068.

What is a social enterprise?

Social enterprises are businesses that have a social mission at their core and use sustainable commercial models to achieve this social mission. Their primary objective is to achieve positive social, cultural, community, economic and/or environmental outcomes. They sustain themselves with earned revenue, with no reliance on philanthropic giving for their operations. 

Traditional commercial models focus on delivering profits to shareholders and may contribute a portion of excess profits for social good; social enterprises focus on centering their operating models around achieving their social mission. Profits generated are committed towards strengthening their ability to create positive social impact and to clearly demonstrate such impact with measurement and reporting. 

What is the eligibility for Application?

Customers must be listed as a social enterprise in the Social Enterprise Directory published by Social Enterprise Business Centre: at the time the Bank processes the application of Social Enterprise Package Promotion. 


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