Meet the team

Making sense of the business landscape 

DBS Group Research has been providing superior insights by employing active bottom-up research with sectoral and macro thematic analysis to identify moneymaking and trading opportunities. The findings from our Economics & Macro Strategy, Equity Research and Credit Research teams have helped clients to optimize their business and capital market decisions. Our deep and wide industry insights have seen our research house consistently rank No. 1 across polls by AsiaMoney, Greenwich Associates and The Asset. 

Timothy Wong
Regional Head, DBS Group Research

Insights to navigate an uncertain world 

The team consists of 15 economists and strategists focusing on the economic and markets outlook of Asia, Europe, and the US. Using cutting edge analytical approaches, the team provides DBS staff and clients with forecasts and scenarios for a variety of economies and key asset classes. Whether it is the next chapter in China/US trade/tech war, the outlook for the Fed’s monetary policy stance, or the future of Asean, the team addresses them. 

Taimur Baig
Chief Economist, DBS Group Research

A new investment approach for a new world

As we look into the 2020s, investors should seek out what we at DBS refer to as IDEA companies, the companies that are recognised as the innovators, disruptors, enablers, or adapters of their industries. By driving massive changes in their business, so will these companies be able to ride the wave of our changing world.

Hou Wey Fook
Chief Investment Officer, DBS Wealth Management


Our Awards


AsiaMoney Brokers Awards

#1 Overall Research – Singapore, 2020
#1 Corporate Access – Singapore, 2020
#1 Real Estate Sector Team – Singapore, 2020 
#2 Consumer Discretionary Team – Singapore, 2020
#2 Energy Sector Team – Singapore, 2020
#2 Financials (Non-Banking) Sector Team – Singapore, 2020
#2 Health Care Sector Team – Singapore, 2020
#2 Industrials Sector Team – Singapore, 2020
#2 Small/Mid Caps Sector Team – Singapore, 2020
#2 Utilities Sector Team – Singapore, 2020

Greenwich Asia Awards

#1 Country Research – Singapore, 2020
#1 Asean Corporate Access, 2020