Wealth Planning


Succession planning

The transfer of assets from one generation to another is an issue that all families must face. There are various solutions that you can implement. The right solution depends amongst other things on your residence/domicile and the location of your assets.

Family office

At its most basic, a family office is an entity that is used to professionalise the investment management of your wealth during and after your lifetime.

Depending on your needs, the family office’s responsibilities can be expanded to include providing other services to your family.


Traditionally, charitable giving may be simply you making “cheque-book donations” to institutions of your choice e.g. a hospital, school or non-profit organisation. Today, you may instead give to social enterprises that support specific causes that matter to you and your family.

Alternatively, you may go further and make investment decisions where financial returns are secondary to measurable social impact, a strategy often referred to as impact investing.

Tax planning

Cross-border taxation is a consideration that will be relevant to you if you have investments overseas (such as shares or properties) or have family members living abroad. With proper structures/ advance planning, complex tax implications or high tax exposure can be efficiently mitigated.

Liquidity planning

When it comes to family, nothing matters more than ensuring that their future is secure. You want to provide for them, protect them, and safeguard their best interests, knowing that when the future arrives, they have what they need.

Innovative life insurance solutions allow you to plan for unforeseen circumstances.