• Product Suite

Product Suite

FX and Cash Management

Currency Linked Investment

Currency Linked InvestmentThis is a dual currency investment that involves a currency option, giving you potential opportunity to earn an enhanced yield based on your view of the movements of the exchange rate in the future and the risk undertaken.

FX Options & Derivatives

FX Options & DerivativesDesigned for experienced investors, Foreign Exchange Options & Derivatives Investment service enables you to capture potential investment opportunities regardless of the current state of the market.

Spot and Forward FX

Spot and Forward FXDBS Foreign Exchange Services help you capture every potential opportunity in the foreign exchange market. You may be able to make the best move in FX market with the latest market outlook and commentary.

Foreign Currency Deposit

Foreign Currency DepositFixed Deposit in foreign currencies offers you a chance for foreign exchange gains on top of the earned interest with risks undertaken. Interest rates for some currencies are also higher than HKD deposits. Choose from a range of tenors.

Fixed Income

Speculative Grade Bonds

Speculative Grade BondsReceive potential higher yield with the risks undertaken by investing in these speculative grade bonds which typically carry a higher risk of default or other adverse credit events as compared to investment grade bonds.

Money Market Instruments

Money Market InstrumentsMoney Market Instruments are short dated debt instruments generally issued by supra national governments, financial institutions or corporations. They include Treasury Bills, Certificates of Deposits and Commercial paper.

Investment Grade Bonds

Investment Grade BondsYou may receive a steady stream of investment income by investing in certain types of investment grade bonds with the risks undertaken.

Bond-Linked Investments

Bond-Linked InvestmentsBond-linked investments are structured products which are linked to an underlying bond.


Trading with our Platform

Trading with our PlatformReal time and convenient trading access to stock markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, the U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia and United Kingdom and professional stock analytic tools at your fingertips.

Structured Investments

Yield Enhancement Notes

Yield Enhancement NotesPotential higher yield from an underlying financial instrument in certain favorable market environments (e.g. range-bound).

Participation Notes

Participation NotesPotential capital gains from an underlying financial instrument in certain favorable market environments (e.g. bullish).

Notes With Return of Principal on Maturity

Notes With Return of Principal on MaturityPotential enhanced yield or capital gain from an underlying financial instrument while offering a return of some or all of the principal amount on maturity.


Fixed Income Funds

Fixed Income FundsFixed income funds give you access to a range of debt instruments managed by fund professionals. These funds invest in instruments such as bonds, loans and asset-backed securities.

Balanced Funds

Balanced FundsAn instrument combining equity, fixed income and potentially other asset classes in a single fund. By investing in both equity and debt instruments, dual objectives of both potential growth and income can be achieved.

Equity Funds

Equity FundsEquity funds mainly invest in stocks and allows investors access to global equity markets via a single investment.

Alternative Funds

Alternative FundsAlternative funds are available for investors seeking very specific risk exposures that have typical low correlations with equity and / or fixed income. Alternative funds include commodities funds and hedge funds etc.

Leverage Your Investment

Leverage your Investment

Leverage your InvestmentIf you’re looking for potentially higher returns without further capital outlays, try leveraging by borrowing against your holdings to invest further. Your leveraged funds can be reinvested into any asset class – fixed income, equities, funds etc.