FAQs for using e-Cheque

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1) Do I need to bear any costs for the usage of the e-Cheque Drop Box service?

No, it is completely free of charge.

2) What should I do if I do not know how to deposit an e-Cheque?

You can ask other trusted persons (e.g. family members) to deposit e-Cheques on your behalf through the e-Cheque Drop Box service, or refer to the information on the HKICL website, or approach your bank for assistance if necessary.

3) What is the cut-off time for e-Cheque deposit?

The cut-off time for e-Cheque deposit through the e-Cheque Drop Box service is 5:30 p.m. of each business day for same day clearing. For e-Cheque deposit through the Internet banking, you should refer to the cut-off time specified by individual banks.

4) Can I decline to receive e-Cheques?

Yes, you can ask the payer to use other payment instruments (e.g. paper cheque) if you do not prefer to receive e-Cheques.

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