DBS MasterPass Digital Wallet

Safe & simple online shopping


The brand-new DBS MasterPass is a digital wallet service which makes online shopping safe and easy by storing all of your DBS Credit Card payment and shipping information in one secure place.

Convenient & Secure Online Shopping

DBS MasterPass is applicable to all DBS MasterCard® and Visa Card, and available anywhere you see the below logo:



  • Simple
    All of your DBS Credit Card information is integrated in a single MasterPass account
  • Convenient
    Simply logon to your DBS MasterPass account to confirm related payment and shipping details when you are checking out, saving the hassle of filling out information every time you shop
  • Secure
    Shop online using DBS MasterPass and you are protected with multi-tiered security and One-time Password verification

Please note: DBS MasterPass is currently not applicable to DBS Black American Express® Card


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How to Register for DBS MasterPass?

Enjoy convenient online shopping experience in a few steps!

Step 1

Step 2

1. Visit DBS MasterPass website, select country and language, then press “Register”

2. Enter account information such as your name, email and mobile number

Step 3

Step 4

3. Select your Security Question

4. Add the information (e.g. Credit Card number, expiry date and security code etc.) of the DBS Credit Card you would like to link with DBS MasterPass

Step 5

Step 6

5. Add the shipping information to the DBS Credit Card by which the payment is made

6. Registration complete

Step 7

7. Logon to your DBS MasterPass account to confirm payment and shipping address wherever you see "BUY WITH MasterPass®" at any online merchants


You can add other DBS Credit Card and shipping information at any time to cater for different needs!


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