Important Notice for ATM Chip Card Replacement

To enhance security and comply with the requirements of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”), all DBS magnetic stripe ATM cards / DBS ATM chip cards with PLUS services (“Old Card”) will be replaced with DBS ATM chip cards with UnionPay services (“New Card”). All Old Cards will be disabled by the end of March 2014.

Upon performing your first transaction with your New Card, your Old Card will be disabled1. You can continue to enjoy the ATM services currently available to you with your New Card. There will be no change to your existing Personal Identification Number (PIN), accounts linked to your ATM card, daily cash withdrawal limit and bills registered for Payment by Phone Service (PPS) (if any). Please note that you must use the New Card via ATM or EPS within 4 months from the issue date of the New Card mailer, after which the New Card may become invalidated2.

Overseas ATM Withdrawal Tips with the New Card

  1. You can use your New Card at all DBS3 and JETCO ATMs, as well as across UnionPay’s extensive network of around 1,400,000 ATMs in Hong Kong, China and other countries. A handling fee of only HK$15/RMB15 (depending on the currency of the primary account) will be charged for cash withdrawal transaction at any UnionPay ATMs. You can also spend with your New Card at around 7,200,000 UnionPay merchants across the world. The transaction amount will be debited to your primary account (as printed on the card face) directly. The New Card can no longer be used on the PLUS ATM network.
  2. Before you travel, please remember to transfer enough funds to the primary account of the New Card as only the primary account will be accessible for cash withdrawals and balance enquiries via the UnionPay ATM network.
  3. As required by the HKMA, overseas ATM daily withdrawal limits (including cash advances) and daily transfer limits for all ATM and credit cards shall be preset to HK$0 from 1 March, 2013. If you wish to activate the overseas ATM transaction function, please click here for details.
  4. If you wish to access the PLUS ATM network with your ATM card, please contact us to link your bank account(s) to a DBS VISA credit card4, which will enable you to make withdrawals through the PLUS ATM network5

If you have any enquiries, please refer to the following FAQ or call our Customer Service Hotline during business hours at (852) 2290 8802.

FAQ for ATM Chip Card Replacement

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Nov 2013

  1. If the New Card is not used, the Old Card can still be used until it is disabled by the end of March 2014.
  2. If your New Card becomes invalidated, please visit our branches to apply for a new ATM card, if necessary.
  3. Excluding DBS ATMs in India, Indonesia, and Taiwan
  4. Please make a balance enquiry, cash withdrawal, or transfer at any DBS or JETCO ATM in Hong Kong to activate the account linkage(s) 4 working days after submitting the application.
  5. If an account selection service is not available on the ATM (this varies from bank to bank), a cash advance handling fee and interest will be charged for a cash withdrawal made from your credit card account.