For All ATM Cards

The Old Card will be disabled once you have conducted a transaction with the New Card. Please destroy and dispose of the Old Card carefully after it has been disabled.

No. The New Card is ready to use. You can immediately perform transactions (such as cash withdrawal, deposit, and balance enquiry) at any DBS or JETCO ATMs, or make purchases by means of EPS.

You can continue to enjoy all the services available to you under your Old Card with your New Card. There will be no change to your existing PIN, accounts linked to your ATM card, daily cash withdrawal limit and bills registered for PPS.

Each new ATM card, in addition to the JETCO network, will support the China UnionPay network. If you wish to use PLUS network ATM services, please link your bank accounts to your Visa credit card (if applicable).

You must use the New Card via ATM or EPS within 4 months from the issue date of the New Card mailer, after which, the New Card will be invalidated automatically. You will then need to apply for a new ATM Card through our branches.

As mandated by the HKMA, all Old Cards will be disabled by the end of March 2014. You will then only be able to perform transactions at ATMs or through EPS with a New Card.

For DBS Octopus ATM Cards

Any remaining value stored under the Old Card will be credited to the ATM card bank account after 7 business days of the first transaction.

The New Card has no initial stored value. Before you activate Automatic Add Value Service ("AAVS"), you may load your New Card with cash.

If your New Card carries AAVS function, you will receive an AAVS activation letter. Please bring along the activation letter, your identification document and the New Card to any MTR Customer Service Centre to activate AAVS.

If there is any remaining Octopus Reward$ on your Old Card, you can download the remaining Octopus Reward$ at any Octopus Rewards Stations with your New Card between the 20th and the 50th day after your first use of the New Card. The remaining Octopus Reward$ not downloaded within the said period will be forfeited without prior notice. (Please call Octopus Rewards Customer Service Hotline on 3690 1313 for details).

Yes. If you have registered to access any commercial or residential building with the Old Card, please re-arrange such registration with the New Card.

The New Card will still be invalidated automatically after 4 months from the issue date of the New Card mailer.You must use the New Card via ATM or EPS to avoid it becoming invalidated.

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