New Pay & Transfer Function


What is Pay & Transfer?

Pay & Transfer is a credit card service available in DBS Card+ HK app (“DBS Card+”) allowing you to pay your friends, merchants or settle bills with your DBS Credit Cards via Fast Payment System (FPS). To use this service, you must activate your DBS Card+ account in advance.

Which cards can I use for Pay & Transfer?

The service is available to principal cardholders (excluding supplementary cardholders) of DBS Credit Cards and Co-branded Cards (excluding Private Label Card and Business Cards).

What are the benefits of using Pay & Transfer?

Whether you want to settle utility bills, pay a merchant, or transfer money to your friends and family, it can never be done more easily by DBS Credit Cards with the new Pay & Transfer function in DBS Card+ app!

How long does it take to process a payment?

Once your payment instruction is received, you will be notified by SMS, email and DBS Card+ push notifications on the payment progress. The time it takes for the funds to be credited to recipient's account depends on the handling of the receiving bank. In general, the recipient/merchant will receive funds immediately if recipient/merchant’s bank/stored-value facilities support FPS real time payments.

Is there a fee for Pay & Transfer?

One-time handling fee may be charged for each Pay & Transfer transaction according to the transaction categories. The fee will be shown on the transaction preview page.

Is there a cap to the amount I can transfer using Pay & Transfer?

You have to set up a daily transaction limit when using Pay & Transfer for the first time.

  1. The daily transaction limit of “Small Value Transfer” (including Scan & Pay) is HK$10,000; and
  2. The daily transaction limit of “Registered and Non-Registered Recipient” is HK$150,000.

If you have used up the daily transaction limit of “Small value Transfer”, the transaction will be counted towards the limit of “Registered and Non-Registered Recipient”. Regardless of your daily limit setup, the transaction amount is also bound by the available credit limit of your credit card (if sufficient). To avoid doubt, tax payment is not subject to the daily limit.

Can I adjust the daily limit of “Small Value Transfer” and “Registered and Non-Registered Recipient”?

You can adjust the daily limit at any time in DBS Card+:

  • Method 1: Visit “Pay & Transfer” transaction page > Tap “Manage Limits”
  • Method 2: Visit “More” > Tap “App & Security Settings” > Tap “Manage Transfer Limits”

Both SMS and email OTP verifications are required for setting a higher limit.

Why did I fail to make a “Pay & Transfer” Transaction?

Here are some common reasons:

  • Wrong recipient information
  • Insufficient credit card limit
  • Insufficient Pay & Transfer daily limit
  • Your new DBS credit card is activated within the last 24 hours. (Please try the service 24 hours after your credit card activation)
  • Bad network connectivity of your device
What’s the difference between “Registered Recipient” and “Non-Registered Recipient”?

You can make a payment or transfer to “Registered Recipient” and “Non-Registered Recipient” anytime. However, if your payment amount to a “Non-Registered Recipient”, both SMS and email OTP verifications may be required (depends on the payment & transfer amount).

How can I register a recipient?

You can register a recipient via DBS Card+ “Pay & Transfer” Page > Tap “Registered Recipient” > Tap “REGISTER a new Recipient”. Both SMS and email OTP verifications are required. Registration of a new recipient will take 6 hours to be effective. Until then, authentication will be required for transferring funds to a non-registered recipient.

Can I earn COMPASS Dollar / DBS$ on Pay & Transfer transactions?

No, COMPASS Dollar / DBS$ cannot be earned by making payments to merchants or transferring money to friends. However, you may earn cash rebate through promotional offers from time to time, the cash rebate amount will be shown on the transaction page.

I haven’t conducted Pay & Transfer for a long time, why does the transaction limit become insufficient?

To safeguard your interest, we will auto reset your daily transfer limit to HK$0 if you didn’t make any Pay & Transfer transaction in past 12 months. You need to reset your daily limit in order to complete the transaction.

What happens if the transaction is not processed successfully?

The same procedure for normal credit card transactions applies.