Frequently Asked Questions
    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many cards can I apply for?
    There is no limit on the number of cards a customer may apply for. For each card, you may apply for up to 6 supplementary cards.
    How long are my DBS$ valid for?
    There is no expiry date for DBS$ of DBS Eminent Card, DBS Platinum Credit Card, DBS Gold Card, DBS Classic Card, DBS Titanium Card, The DBS Black Card and DBS mc MasterCard; while DBS$ of Manulife VISA Gold, Manulife VISA Classic, Cable Power VISA Gold and Cable Power VISA are valid for up to 1 year.
    Will I earn DBS$ for my Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service (AAVS)?
    Yes. AAVS transactions will be eligible for DBS$ Reward Scheme: Every HK$250 spending = DBS$1.
    How long is the interest-free repayment period?
    You can enjoy up to a maximum of 60 days interest-free repayment period provided that there is no unsettled outstanding balance in the previous statement.
    How can I make a cash advance with my credit card? Is there a set limit for such an advance?
    You can get cash advance at the JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong and Macau by using your Credit Card ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number), or you can visit any of our DBS Bank branches during office hours. Daily limit for cash advance is HK$15,000, subject to the available limit of your credit card. For each cash advance transaction, a handling fee and an administration Fee will be charged (in accordance with the applicable Fee Schedule amended from time to time).
    Will I be charged anything extra if I use my card overseas?
    Card transactions which are effected in currencies other than HK dollars will be debited to the Card Account after conversion into HK dollars. The foreign currency transaction will be subjected to VISA/MasterCard/American Express applicable exchange rate on processing date plus 1.95% as a Foreign Exchange Rate Adjustment. It includes 1% cross border conversion fee charged by VISA/MasterCard.
    How are finance and late charges calculated?
    Finance Charges - If you do not pay the total outstanding balance by the payment due date, a Finance Charge will be applied to the outstanding balance. This is calculated on a daily basis at a prevailing interest rate as shown on the applicable Fee Schedule and Credit Card Monthly Statement.

    Late Charges - If you do not pay the minimum payment by the due date, a Late Fee will be billed to your card per statement cycle (in accordance with the applicable Fee Schedule amended from time to time).
    How do I query a transaction on my credit card statement?
    As soon as you notice a transaction on your statement that you find problematic, call our 24-hour Credit Card Customer Services Hotline on (852) 2290 8888 for assistance.
    What can I do with a duplicate credit card transaction?
    You should contact the respective merchant to cancel the duplicate transaction and call our 24- hour Credit Card Customer Services Hotline on (852) 2290 8888 for assistance.
    How can I stop a recurrent credit card transaction?
    You should contact the merchant to cancel the instruction directly.
    How can I get a refund when my credit card account has a credit balance?
    You may use the credit balance to offset the coming outstanding balance of that credit card account. Otherwise, you need to fax or mail us a written request for arranging the refund in accordance with your instruction by:
    1. Transfer the credit balance to your other DBS credit card accounts for setting off repayments OR
    2. Transfer the credit balance to your DBS banking account OR
    3. Withdraw the credit balance by Cashier’s Order (HK$100 per cashier’s order) (in accordance with the Fee Schedule amended from time to time)
    How do I report that my card has been lost or stolen?
    You should immediately report it to our 24-Hour Credit Card Customer Services Hotline on (852) 2290 8888, select language and then press 1, 1.

    For security reasons, your replacement card for the lost card will bear a new card number. You have to notify the merchants concerned to use the new card number to ensure uninterrupted and correct processing of all Direct Debit Authorizations. For PPS, you have to re-register with the new card number to ensure proper payment processing.
    If my current credit limit is insufficient, how can I request an increase?
    If you wish to increase your credit limit, you will have to provide us with your latest income proof and fill the "Cardholder Request Credit Line Adjustment Form". We shall notify you of the result in writing once available.
    How can I use my DBS Credit Card to withdraw cash from my existing DBS bank account?
    You can request to link up your DBS bank account with your DBS Credit Card by filling the "Application for Addition of Bank Account(s) to Extend Credit Card For Use in ATMs/Point Of Sale, Customer Services Hotline And Other Terminals Form". You can then use the ATM, Point of Sales, Customer Services Hotline and related services of ATM.
    How do I update my correspondence address for the credit card record?
    You have to complete and return the "Change of Customer's Personal Data Instruction Form" for our follow up action. Alternatively, you may visit any branch for your request or update your correspondence address through DBS iBanking.