06 Jun 2019

Get insured against traffic accidents and Internet frauds

Living in this technological era, the young generation often utilises the Internet to start their own businesses or become slashers with multiple jobs. With the increasing reliance on the Internet and public transport, we may be facing more dangers that are out of the coverage of usual insurance plans. In view of these uncertain threats, it is essential for us to know about different new breeds of insurance!


Beware of Internet risks

Looking for part-time job opportunities or even starting businesses have been some common practices of the young generation thanks to the advantages brought by the Internet. Some of them may even rise to become KOLs (key opinion leaders) and collaborate with different companies on their own Internet platforms. The figures provided by Invest Hong Kong show that there were 2,625 start-up companies in 2018, representing an increase of 18% from the previous year1. Obviously, starting one’s own business is a rising trend.

While business opportunities brought by the Internet are extensive, Internet frauds have become a pressing issue. For example, several KOLs have become the victims of cyber-bullying and identity theft is becoming more prevalent. Victims were found to have their WhatsApp accounts hijacked by imposters who asked their friends and family for money - From 2018 to March 2019, there were a total of 799 Internet fraud cases concerning the use of WhatsApp which led to monetary loss amounting to HK$9.1 million!2


Enjoy holistic cyber protection by CyberOne

Not logging in to personal accounts in public computers, avoiding suspicious websites and software, using anti-virus software for regular computer scanning – these used to be some of the ways to prevent ourselves from falling prey to Internet frauds and there was nothing much we could do in fact.

In view of the lack of protection in this respect, DBS Bank has recently introduced CyberOne – the first of its kind in Hong Kong. You can enjoy protection against cyber-bullying and online identity theft. In the event of a cyber security incident, you may be reimbursed for loss of income and provided with legal consultation, IT support and counselling services. Tech experts are on 24-hour standby on a dedicated hotline to answer your enquiries.


Be safeguarded against traffic accidents

Other than cyber security issues, it is inevitable for young people to rely on public transport when meetings their clients due to limited financial resources. According to the latest figures of the Transport Department, the number of fatal traffic accidents was up by 25% over a year earlier to a total of 107 cases in 2018 where 118 people lost their lives3.

In view of this, DBS Bank introduces PassengerOne which safeguards against unexpected risks as a passenger. Medical expenses may be reimbursed for accidental injuries and death or permanent disablement of a passenger may also be claimed in a traffic accident.


Article source link: GoBear