Manage your working capital and transactions with ease across desktop, tablet and mobile phones


Manage your working capital and transactions with ease across desktop, tablet and mobile phones

At a glance

With DBS IDEAL, it's easy to monitor incoming funds, view remittance advice, access statements or make payments. DBS IDEAL makes banking faster, simpler and smarter, so that you can focus on what matters most – your business.


Seamless Security

Safeguard your funds using cutting-edge security features on DBS IDEAL digital token+


Easy Maintenance

Simple maintenance and administration module to create users, set up functional and authorisation accesses


Comprehensive Services

Access a variety of transaction capabilities on a platform that supports multi-location, language and currencies


True Mobility

Bank on-the-go with all your banking needs on your mobile phone

Product features

Account Information at your Fingertips

  • Single access to all your business banking accounts across the DBS network
  • Personalised dashboard that displays key account information upon login
  • View enriched account statements and transaction advice slips for the last six months
  • Schedule reports such as account statements and remittance advice to be delivered automatically to your email address
  • Receive real-time alerts for important activities such as payment due, low balance and incoming funds

Seamless Payments and Transactions

  • New Transfer Wizard eliminates banking jargon and recommends available payment types for your transactions
  • Set up template and file upload arrangements for frequent transactions including payroll
  • Leverage bank and beneficiary libraries to input your beneficiaries quickly and accurately
  • Notify your beneficiaries upon successful transactions via beneficiary advising
  • Make overseas payments with previously purchased FX contracts
  • Integrate with your Enterprise Resource Planning system for a seamless payment and reconciliation experience
  • Tracking payment with SWIFT gpi

Trade Finance

  • Manage your trade cycle on a single platform, from order, production, shipment and delivery to settlement
  • Access a wide range of trade instruments and sign up for accompanying alerts and notifications
  • Submit trade finance applications quickly and easily via straight-through-processing forms

Mobile Banking

  • Access your account via our specially designed IDEAL Mobile App
  • View your account balances and activities anytime, anywhere
  • Approve transactions at any time, from anywhere

Audit Confirmation 

  • Digital Audit Confirmation through DBS IDEAL without needing physical touchpoints 
  • Track the status of your Audit Confirmation in real-time 
  • Enjoy greater transparency with a complete digital audit activity trail 

DBS IDEAL Online Banking Services Pricing (Effective from 17th June 2019)

Package Type Enquiry Enquiry & Transaction

Services available

Account Enquiry
Trade Enquiry
Account Receivable Purchase Enquiry

Account Enquiry
Trade Enquiry 
Cash Management
Trade Finance
DBS FX Online
Subscription fee Free Free
Monthly service fee Free HK$150 / US$19.5 per company
Choice of 2-Factor Authentication Modes

Digital Token (download on IDEAL Mobile App): Free
IDEAL security device (physical token): HK$250 per token

Digital Token (download on IDEAL Mobile App): Free
IDEAL security device (physical token): HK$250 per token
Replacement of lost / damaged IDEAL security device (physical token) HK$500 per token HK$500 per token
System specifications
Item Minimum Requirement
Processor Intel (Core 2 and above) based computer and Macintosh
Hard disk space 40 MB and above
Internet access Broadband
Additional software Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5 and above for report generation
Additional settings Turn off your pop-up blocker settings or include https://ideal.dbs.com/ in the pop-up blockers exclusion list
Operating system Internet Explorer 11 or above
How to apply

Simply call our DBS Business Care at 2290 8068 to fix an appointment or email [email protected]. Our Relationship Manager will be glad to assist you.

Security tips

Click here for Security Alerts & News. 
Security Guidelines for Uses of IDEAL Services: 

  • You should not disclose your IDs or pin (login pin, token pin or any other pins used to access our Internet service) to any third party. No one at DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited will ever ask you for your login or any other pins, whether at branches, by telephone, by e-mail or by written request. Please destroy the original printed copy of the pin and do not write down or record the IDs/pin;
  • You should choose pins difficult to guess. Do not choose pins that associate with anything personal such as names, birthdays, telephone numbers or other familiar words. For example, you should set the format of pins to combinations including both numeric and alphabetic characters. This makes it harder to guess the pins. Moreover, you should not use the same IDs and pin for the access to other internet services;
  • You should change your initial pins when you first access the system;
  • You should change the login pin and token pin periodically;
  • You should notify us as soon as practicable if you think that the pins have been compromised;
  • You should not leave your computers, token or any terminals, on which you have logged on our Internet service unattended. If you are provided with token for access to our Internet service, please lock your tokens in a safe place;
  • Once you have finished using our Internet service, please promptly log out from the service;
  • If the computer used to access our Internet service is likely to be shared with others, you should exercise care. For instance, you should remove the temporary files stored in the memory or in the hard disks of such computer during usage of our Internet service, as the temporary files may contain sensitive information such as account numbers;
  • You must logon only at our official website for access to our Internet services. Never access our Internet service by using hot-links e.g. from other websites or from e-mails sent to you – these could easily be fake. You should access our official website through typing the authentic website address on the address bar of the browser or by bookmarking the genuine website and using that for subsequent access. You may verify that the Internet address is the genuine DBS's website by double clicking the 'lock' icon at the bottom bar of the screen to check the security certificate of DBS;
  • You should not enter any information (including your ID, PIN and token One-Time-Password) to the website of the bank suspicious such as unusual screens pop up and/or your computer responds unusually slow, log out from that website immediately, scan your computer and report to us;
  • You should not logon to our Internet service using a publicly available computer e.g. at cyber cafés. Such computers may have hacker programs or otherwise allow other persons to access personal/account information;
  • Do not enter challenge code into your security device if you did not perform any financial transaction(s) in your account. Please note that during the log in process, you will never be asked to input a Challenge/Response;
  • System generated post authorisation SMS and Email alerts will be sent to your registered mobile phone number and Email address within few minutes upon high-risk transactions are approved;
  • You should avoid any unauthorized capturing of your pins by attackers. For instance, you should exercise extra care in handling doubtful e-mails received or accessing suspicious websites because attackers may make use of these channels to secretly install undetected programs to capture your keystrokes about the pins;
  • You should always use the latest recommended Internet browser to ensure that they are using the most updated security features from time to time. You should clear the browser's cache after each session so that the account information is removed, especially if you are using a shared PC;
  • You should avoid storing PIN/pin when using any browser. In Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, the "AutoComplete" function stores and lists possible matches from entries that you have typed previously. You can prevent any pins (including your PIN) from being stored e.g. (in the case of Internet Explorer 6 by de-activating the "AutoComplete" function:
    • Launch your Internet Explorer 8 and click on "Tools" >> "Internet Options" >> "Content".
    • Under "Personal Information", click on "AutoComplete".
    • Uncheck "User names and password on forms", and click on "Clear Passwords", check “Passwords” and click on “Delete”.
    • Click on "OK" to save the changes.
  • You should regularly check your account balances and statements to identify unusual transactions;
  • You should make sure your personal firewall software and / or anti-virus software is in good state. Regularly download updates to your anti-virus software, operating system and internet browser;
  • You should follow our website login instructions and security tips published by us when conducting any financial transactions.
  • Login to IDEAL regularly to ensure that your credentials are valid and active. For security reasons, we may revoke access to IDEAL if your authorised representatives do not login to the system for more than a year.


  • Visit the DBS Security website for more information including the latest news and tips to help enhance your online banking security. 
  • Click here to download Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s e-leaflet - Smart Tips on Using Internet Banking Services.
Tutorial Videos

Learn some IDEAL key functions step-by-step.

When do I submit the DBS IDEAL application form?

If you are an:

  1. Existing DBS SME Banking customer and would like to sign up for IDEAL, download and complete:
  2. Existing IDEAL customer who wish to upgrade your service package from Enquiry to Transaction, Download and complete:
Who should be the signatory for my DBS IDEAL application forms?

DBS IDEAL application forms must be signed by authorised company signatories. If you have multiple signatories, it should be signed by the signatory(ies) with the highest signing mandate in your company.

What service charges are levied for DBS IDEAL?

Please refer to the pricing tab above for more information or simply call DBS BusinessCare at 2290 8068. We are available Monday to Friday (except public holidays), between 9:00am and 6:00pm and Saturday (expect public holidays), between 9:00am and 1:00pm. 

Can I access DBS IDEAL at any time?

Yes, DBS IDEAL can be accessed at any given time, on any given day, including, weekends and Public Holidays. In addition, you can bank on-the-go by downloading the DBS IDEAL Mobile app, available on Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.

Can I access to DBS IDEAL from overseas?

DBS IDEAL can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection. Download the new DBS IDEAL digital token+ to enjoy a seamless login, and tap and swipe authentication experience for transactions on DBS IDEAL desktop and its mobile app.

How do I perform basic account management tasks?

You can download this form and apply for the DBS IDEAL Customer Self-Administration module to manage your company’s users and profile online.

  1. Add, remove or update users
  2. Update authorisation policies & manage company profile
  3. Modify account settings
  4. Request for new user login PIN
  5. Unlock user access
  6. Unlock or replace security devices

If you want to change other company-specific details, download the maintenance form and complete the relevant pages in order to perform the following account management tasks:

  1. Update account numbers
  2. Account setting and instruction (parent-subsidiary setup)

If you’ve forgotten your Organisation ID and User ID, please contact us at 2290 8068 or email to [email protected].

Will my DBS IDEAL access be suspended if I have not logged into DBS IDEAL for a while?

Your DBS IDEAL user access will be suspended if you don’t login for 12 consecutive months. You can reactivate your DBS IDEAL user accesses via the IDEAL Customer Self-Administration module. If you do not login for 18 consecutive months, you will need to re-create a new user ID via our IDEAL Self-Administration module or submit a DBS IDEAL maintenance form.

How do I terminate my DBS IDEAL access?

To terminate your DBS IDEAL access, you will need to provide us with an official letter detailing your request using your company’s letterhead template. This letter must be signed by your company’s authorised signatories.

Do I need to submit an additional form to register for DBS IDEAL Mobile?

You do not need to submit an additional form. Simply download and install the DBS IDEAL Mobile app via the Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.

I have just received all my DBS IDEAL login credentials. Can I login to DBS IDEAL Mobile immediately?

You are recommended to login to DBS IDEAL mobile first, and complete the installation of DBS IDEAL digital token+. After doing so, you will be able to use your digital token for subsequent logins on both your desktop and mobile for authentication purposes.

Do I need my physical token to access DBS IDEAL Mobile?

You do not need a physical token if you would like to view account balances or access the DBS IDEAL dashboard. However, you will need to install the DBS IDEAL digital token+ on your mobile to complete 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA) if you would like to use other mobile functions.

More details

What are the services available on DBS IDEAL Mobile?

A variety of online banking services are available on DBS IDEAL Mobile included:

  1. View Balance and Cheque Status with only your login PIN
  2. View Account Activities up to 6 months
  3. Make Domestic Payments and Account Transfers
  4. Approve Payments
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