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Study Insurance
Oversea Study Preparation 1

Join DBS Treasures to get ready the education fund for your children and enjoy cash rewards up to HK$28,000.

Oversea Study Preparation
Oversea Study Preparation 2

Transfer money to your children studying abroad via DBS Remit and enjoy unlimited $0 remittance service and cash rewards up to HK$1,000.

Oversea Study Preparation
Oversea Study Preparation 3

Take out DBS StudyShield Insurance to cover your children against medical expenses and personal liability and enjoy a HK$1,000 cash reward.

Oversea Study Preparation

Upon completion of the above preparations, you can get cash rewards with an approximate value of 2 sets of round-trip air tickets to the United States or Australia*. Travel with your children together!

Oversea Study Ticket


*All rewards will be given in the form of cash rewards with a total amount of up to HK$28,000.

The offers are subject to Terms and Conditions. Click here for details.

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