To grasp various investment opportunities around the world, you need a global perspective. DBS Investment Fund Services provide you with professional, independent and objective analysis of fund investments, to help you to make insightful investments and capture opportunities for wealth creation.

Type of Fund

Balanced Funds

Invest in equity and debt instruments in a single fund for two-fold objectives both growth and income

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Fixed Income Funds

Fixed income funds give you access to a wide range of debt instruments managed by fund professionals

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Equity Funds

Equity funds mainly invest in stocks with an investment focus spanning various regions and sectors

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Alternative Funds

Alternative funds are available for investors seeking very specific risk exposures

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Benefits of investing in Investment Fund

  • Risk diversification: Your investments can spread across a range of sectors, in different countries and at various risk levels
  • Capturing global investment opportunities: An investment fund allows you to invest in both local and foreign markets and enhances your return potential
  • Professional management: Experienced fund managers monitor the markets closely, helping you to seize investment opportunities

Investment Fund Savings Plan


  • Flexible savings plan
  • Dollar cost averaging
  • Wide choice of funds
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Fund Analytical Tools

Multi-perspective online analysis to help you construct fund portfolios that suit your needs.

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New Fund Spotlight

To grasp the investment funds newly distributed by DBS and help you achieve various wealth goals and needs.

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DBS Tactical Asset Allocation Strategy & DBS Fund Select List

The "DBS Fund Select List" by DBS Fund Selection Team (FST) and the fund is a pick-list of some of FST's positively rated funds in core asset classes.

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Online Trading

A user friendly online platform to allow you to place your investment fund trading orders anytime, anywhere.

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Funds are investment products. The investment decision is yours but you should not invest in the product unless the intermediary who sells it to you has explained to you that the product is suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.

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