HKSAR Government Silver Bond


HKSAR Government Silver Bond

Bond Name Silver Bond Series HKD35,000,000,000 Retail Bonds Due 2025
Issuer The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (“HKSAR Government”)
Subscription period 23 Aug 2022 9:00am to  01 Sep 2022 4:00pm
Interest rate (coupon) The interest rate for each payment date will be determined and announced on the relevant interest determination date as the higher of:

(i) the floating rate, being the arithmetic average of the year-on year rates of change in the Composite Consumer Price Index compiled and published by the Census and Statistics Department of HKSAR Government based on the results of the most recent Household Expenditure; and Survey at the relevant interest determination date (currently being the 2019/20-based Composite Consumer Price Index) for the 6 most recent preceding months, rounded to the nearest two decimal places; and

(ii) The fixed rates of 4%,

per annum, payable every 6 months in arrear.
Maturity Date 14-Sep-25
Price Fixing Date 23-Aug-22
Issue Date 14-Sep-22
Eligibility criteria You can only apply for retail bonds if you (i) hold a valid Hong Kong identity card and (ii) were born on or before 31 Dec 1963
Principal Application Amounts HK$10,000
Minimum Denomination HK$10,000
Maximum Principal Allocation Amount HK$1,000,000 per investor
Application Channel Fill out the form and submit it at our nearest branch
Handling Fee Waived
Custodian Fee Waived
Interest Payment Fee Waived
Redemption Fee at Maturity Waived
Transfer-in Fee Waived
Transfer-out Fee Waived
Allotment Result Allotment Result

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