What "sustainable investing" means and why it matters
09 Mar 2022

What "sustainable investing" means and why it matters

The Time is Now

Sustainability in a nutshell

Social responsibility. Purpose. Environmental, social, governance (ESG) factors.

No longer mere buzzwords, these terms increasingly rank high on the agendas of corporates, governments, and individuals—including investors.

Sustainable investing means using sustainable factors, such as ESG, along with financial factors, to assess companies and assets. It is an umbrella term often used interchangeably with ESG investing, socially responsible investing, and ethical investing, and covers other forms of investing, such as impact investing. While there is currently no standard definition of each factor, “E”, “S”, and “G” generally include the following:

Why sustainable investing and why now?

In recent years, sustainable investing has gradually seeped into mainstream consciousness. We believe it is here to stay, and for good reasons. Download to learn more.