Fixed Deposit in foreign currencies offers you a chance for foreign exchange gains on top of the earned interest with risks undertaken. Interest rates for some currencies are also higher than HKD deposits. Choose from a range of tenors.

The product may not be suitable for all types of investors. For more information on the features, benefits and risks of this type of investment, please contact your Relationship Manager.


Key Features

  • Choice of 14 foreign currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, CNH, USD, SGD, ZAR, DKK, NOK and SEK
  • Tenors from one month up to a year
  • Earn potentially higher rates compared to HKD

Foreign currency transactions are subject to exchange rate fluctuations, which may result in capital gains or losses; such accounts may also be subject to exchange controls imposed on the currency held.


Important Notes

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited is not your investment adviser or acting in any fiduciary capacity to you. The above information is not and shall not be considered as investment advice. It does not constitute any offer or solicitation of offer to subscribe, transact or redeem any investment product. Investment involves risk. Past performances are not indicative of future performances. You should not rely on the above information alone to make any investment decision. You should carefully read the product offering documentation for detailed product information and risk factors prior to making any investment. If you have any doubt on this material or any product offering documentation, you should seek independent professional advice.

Foreign Exchange involves risk. Customers should note that foreign exchange may incur loss due to the fluctuation of exchange rate. Market conditions may make it impossible to execute such orders.

The RMB services provided by the Bank are subject to regulations of the relevant authorities and to regulations governing the limits of exchange/remittance by each customer. RMB is currently not freely convertible and is subject to exchange controls and restrictions. For individual customers, the conversion of RMB may be subject to a daily limit as promulgated from time to time by the relevant regulatory authority in Hong Kong. Customers are reminded to allow sufficient time for conversion if the conversion amount exceeds the prevailing daily limit. There is no guarantee that RMB will not depreciate. If you convert Hong Kong Dollar or any other currency into RMB so as to invest in a RMB product and subsequently convert the RMB sale proceeds back into Hong Kong Dollar or any other currency, you may suffer a loss if RMB depreciates against Hong Kong Dollar or other currency.

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