Payment solutions that support merchants from every angle

When it comes to payment solutions, the last thing any merchant wants are unnecessary complexities, limitations, security breaches or a lack of support from their service partner. Yedpay helps to relieve merchants of these potential stressors by offering them secure, extensive and easy-to-use solutions that support the merchants from their business perspective.


Powering Effective and Effortless Solutions

Launched in 2017, Yedpay is a FinTech brand with a vision to revolutionise the payment industry. Its one-stop shop payment platform enables merchants to manage online and offline credit card transactions and payments via digital wallets. Through the ongoing enhancements of its technology, Yedpay is able to meet the payment needs of merchants continuously. Yedpay’s thoughtful solutions are easy-to-use for the merchant and recognise a wide range of payments methods, allowing the end customer to connect and transact with flexibility and ease.

Backed by an Unshakable Foundation

To support the high volume of payments that Yedpay processes on a daily basis, they needed a banking partner with a reliable reputation, digital capabilities and a strong support system that could thoroughly uphold their growing customer base.

With DBS, which has been named the ‘Best Bank in Hong Kong’ and ‘World’s Best SME Bank’ of 2022 by Euromoney, as their main banking partner, Yedpay has been able to offer an integrated suite of solutions, as well as the promise of secure and timely monetary returns to the merchants.

Through DBS IDEAL, Yedpay is able to convert an enormous sum of transaction amount to individual merchant settlements efficiently which makes Yedpay’s payment solution a trusted experience with stability for their clients given the simple UI, real-time account reporting, as well as a dedicated team of experts that provides all-rounded support.

“Our partnership with DBS has not just cemented our technical functions but also our reputation as a reliable and powerful service partner for our customers in the era of digital payments”, said Mr Leo Chan, Vice President of Yedpay.

This collaboration has clearly paid off for Yedpay with a staggering 70% increase in transaction numbers in 2021 (compared to 2020) with DBS’ support. Yedpay’s customers can breathe easy knowing that their businesses are backed by a powerful collaboration working behind the scenes for their good.

Expanding network and reaching out to greater prospects

As a thriving fintech SME, it is the priority of Yedpay to focus on new business prospecting in addition to strengthening their existing customer base. For brands that arise from the rapid trend of digital payment who dare to revolutionise the traditional payment model like Yedpay, they are able to reach tens of thousands of potential customers with ease through the cohesion of the DBS BusinessClass platform so as to allocate resources efficiently to focus on optimizing products and services.