rmb capabilities

RMB Capabilities

Manage your exposure with our dedicated treasury specialists

RMB Capabilities

Manage your exposure with our dedicated treasury specialists

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Tailor-made solutions that help companies with business relationships in China to manage their RMB exposure through offshore RMB hedging, financing and yield enhancement.


Lower your hedging and financing costs


Leverage our expertise

We help you identify and hedge against the risks arising from your RMB exposure


Competitive Pricing

Benefit from our strong market position and extensive network

How to Apply

Please contact your Relationship Manager, or call DBS Business Care at 2290 8068 and we will arrange for a product specialist to speak with you.

What do the acronyms CNY and CNH mean, and how are they different?

CNY is the official currency code for the lawful currency of the People’s Republic of China. It refers to onshore RMB funds. CNY products in offshore markets are non-deliverable due to regulatory exchange control (i.e. no physical settlement in RMB). 

CNH is a generic name given to RMB traded outside mainland China. It generally refers to offshore RMB funds.

I don’t need RMB funding. Can offshore RMB financing still lower my financing costs?

It might, depending on market conditions. For example, if you want USD, raising offshore RMB funds and a USD/RMB Cross-Currency Swap might be less costly than straight USD financing. Our experts can tell you more.

What experience do you have with offshore RMB funding?

We are one of the region’s leading underwriters of offshore RMB bonds, and have extensive experience in arranging offshore RMB bonds for corporate clients in Mainland China, Hong Kong S.A.R. and Singapore.  

In 2011, we were the joint bookrunner on ICBC’s offshore RMB bond issuance, which was named the Best Offshore RMB Bond in 2011 by FinanceAsia. It was also the first Basel III-compliant instrument issued by a Hong Kong bank and the first subordinated bond issued in Hong Kong's offshore RMB market.