interest rate

Interest Rate Swaps / Caps

Manage your interest rate exposure and costs

At a Glance
With Interest Rate Swaps / Caps, we can help you manage the interest expense you pay on your loans.

Interest rate certainty

Better manage loan costs with certainty of interest rates


Customise your cash flows

Have your interest costs tailored to your business development


Better management

Manage interest costs on a portfolio basis

How it Works


If you have the view that floating interest rates will be rising, you can choose to pay a pre-determined fixed rate instead via an Interest Rate Swap. The Interest Rate Swap will hence protect you from any unforeseen costs of rising interest rates.

How to Apply

Please contact your Relationship Manager or call DBS Business Care at 2290 8068 and we will arrange for a product specialist to speak with you.

Disclaimer and Important Notices
Disclaimer and Important Notices