Net Zero

Path to Net Zero for SMEs

Path to Net Zero for SMEs

Supporting Asia’s transition to a low-carbon economy

DBS is taking a proactive approach to accelerate decarbonisation* efforts and the transition to a green economy by:

Reducing emissions from our own operations

Working with customers to minimise greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint by reducing emissions from activities financed by DBS (Downstream Scope 3 Financed Emissions)

We recently established the first set of targets for our downstream Scope 3 financed emissions as part of our net zero journey. So, what are these targets and what does it mean to SMEs?

* Removal or reduction of carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere

Our Path to Net Zero

As part of its commitment to being net zero in its financed emissions by 2050, DBS announced sectoral targets that are aligned with science-based decarbonisation glidepaths in its report – “Our Path to Net Zero – Supporting Asia’s Transition to a Low-carbon Economy”.

How These Targets Affect SMEs

Target Type #1: Emissions Intensity Reduction
Purpose Reducing the volume of GHG emissions per unit output
Industries Power, Automotive, Aviation, Shipping, Steel and Real Estate
Target Type #2: Absolute Emissions Reduction
Purpose Reducing absolute total GHG emissions
Industries Oil & Gas
Target Type #3: Data Coverage
Purpose Encourage quantification and disclosure of GHG emissions
Industries Food & Agribusiness, Chemicals

Click here to watch the video and download a detailed report and sector specific reports to find out how DBS is supporting Asia’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

What Can SMEs Do?
Decarbonisation is:

a societal responsibility and financial institutions have a critical role to play in mobilising capital to help fight climate change.

about managing risks. For financial institutions, being unprepared for climate change may result in material transition and physical risks.

also a business opportunity as the road to net zero is one of the key investment themes of the future
How will you benefit from decarbonisation?

Attract new businesses, investors and financing

Attract climate-conscious consumers

Remain competitive and relevant

There is an increasing pressure on both large and small companies to decarbonise. Be it for energy cost savings or attracting customers and investments, SMEs can benefit from this shift in focus to decarbonise.

The key will be to measure their emissions and adopt technology that help to decarbonise their activities. The most straightforward way to kickstart the journey is through energy-efficient measures such as the adoption of energy-saving / low carbon equipment.

“SMEs account for more than 98% of Hong Kong’s businesses and they play a vital part of our economy. Beyond contributing to the efforts against climate change, kickstarting decarbonisation measures for SMEs also means building a more resilient business and starting to decarbonise their supply chains.”
Wallace Lam
Managing Director and Head of Institutional Banking Group,
DBS Hong Kong


“Decarbonisation has become another key input and output to businesses’ operational process – same as electricity and water consumption, and human resources. Understanding where they stand in the value chain of their customers will be critical for companies to create their sustainability roadmap.”
Serena Mak
Executive Director, Sustainable Finance, Institutional Banking Group, DBS Hong Kong


Resources To Reduce GHG Emissions For SMEs

Green Financing

DBS offers a range of tools and schemes to help turn your green ideas into reality. 

SME Grant Programme

With grants of up to SGD 100,000, you will be able to innovate, upgrade and adopt green solutions by tapping into DBS’ SME Grant Programme. Besides, companies can apply for the Green and Sustainable Finance Grant Scheme offered by Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) to support the issuance of debt instruments.

Sustainability Events

Stay tuned for events organized by DBS to learn about the benefits of transitioning to a sustainable business model with the front runners of sustainability. 

Next step

Kickstart your journey towards net-zero by making a Green Pledge with DBS! Pledging allows you to take the first step in making a bigger impact beyond profit, and also identifying the support you need.