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Submit the General Insurance Referral form below by 31 March 2024, we will refer you to the relevant insurance company, and they will offer a complimentary financial check with up to 15 buyers. For details, please refer to DBS Complimentary Financial Check Referral Terms and Conditions



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General Insurance Referral Form Terms and Conditions 一般保險轉介表格條款與細則

We, the Company named in this form below, hereby request information on general insurance - trade credit insurance services / products (“Services / Products”), and authorize DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“the Bank”) to provide the Company’s contact information to MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited (“Insurance Company“), allowing such Insurance Company to contact us directly for Services / Products (“Referral”).

We acknowledge and consent as follows: 

1. The Bank does not act for or represent the Insurance Company. The Bank only acts as a referrer.  
2. The Bank may receive referral fees from the Insurance Company in relation to the Referral. 
3. The Insurance Company will provide advice and information, and arrange services / products directly to us. 
4. The Bank has not induced or invited or recommended us to enter into any contract of insurance with or purchase any services / products from any Insurance Company.  
5. This is merely a referral arrangement which is independent from any banking products or services that the customer may apply / have applied.  
6. By referring us to the Insurance Company, the Bank does not engage in any regulated activity. 
7. The Bank shall not be liable for any act, omission, neglect or default of any Insurance Company.  
8. The Bank shall not be liable for any direct, special, indirect, consequential, incidental damages or any other loss or damages of any kind arising from any use of the Services/ or Products or further communication given in relation to the Referral.  
9. If there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of this form, the English version shall prevail. 
10. All information provided in this referral form is complete and accurate.

本公司,此表格下方所述的公司,就一般保險—貿易信用保險(「服務 / 產品」)索取資料,及授權星展銀行(香港)有限公司(「星展銀行」)提供聯絡資料予三井住友海上火災保險(香港)有限公司(「保險公司」),以讓保險公司就服務 / 產品直接聯絡本公司(「轉介」)。


1. 星展銀行只作為轉介人,不代表任何保險公司。 
2. 星展銀行可能會就有關轉介從保險公司收取轉介費。 
3. 保險公司會直接提供建議及資料,及安排服務 / 產品予本公司。 
4. 星展銀行不會引導、邀請或建議本公司與保險公司簽訂任何保險合約或向保險公司購買任何產品。 
5. 此僅為轉介安排,與本公司可能申請 / 已申請的任何銀行服務 / 產品無關。 
6. 星展銀行不會通過轉介本公司予保險公司當中從事任何受監管的活動。 
7. 星展銀行不會對保險公司的任何作為、不作為、疏忽或不履行負上任何責任。 
8. 星展銀行不會對因使用上述服務 / 產品或與轉介有關的進一步通訊而引起的任何直接、特殊、間接、附帶性損失或任何其他損失負上任何責任。 
9. 此表格的中英文版本如有任何歧異,一概以英文版本為準。 
10. 此轉介表格內的所有資料屬完整及準確。

By submitting this referral form, I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and agree to the above General Insurance Referral Form Terms and Conditions and the DBS Complimentary Financial Check Referral Terms and Conditions.