DBS supports SMEs, regardless of its scale

How difficult is it to maintain a business for SMEs? SMEs are always facing challenges like lack of resources while trying to juggle between daily operations and business growth planning. But it might be slightly different for Lifehub, a company which provides modern healthcare services. The owners were occupied by daily operations maintenance, and at the same time planning for their expansion into the China market. An all-rounded banking system is what they need to free up time and resources for them so that they can focus on what really matters - their business.

Lifehub CEO

“Most of the banks would not provide all-rounded banking services to SMEs like us,”said Sidney Tam (譚國韜), the CEO of Lifehub. While struggling with which bank to choose, Lifehub met DBS team, who can fully support their business development. “Upon understanding our urgency, DBS swiftly assigned their professional team to provide effective solutions to our banking and wealth management, “said Sidney.

Online banking platform to facilitate cross-border business with flexibility

Lifehub is a first-mover who offers wellness-related services, products and programs on a science-backed foundation in the healthcare industry. Their team of doctors, practitioners and coaches provides customized programs or services, which demonstrates a great potential for growth. 

“Our business is in the process of transformation,” said Sidney, “including the enhancement in customer services and expansions in China market. All these factors are placing a great deal of burden to our daily operations. DBS IDEAL provides an online banking system and simple overseas transaction procedure, which helps us manage our capital and trades with ease.”

For entrepreneurs who travel across border frequently, a mobile banking account allows them to manage finances with efficiency anytime and anywhere. With a few simple taps on his fingertips, Sidney can execute payroll and payment instructions simpler and faster than ever.

SMEs Need Synergies as a Booster to Grow

SMEs are often lack on social networks and resources. Sidney thinks that he would make good use of a business community platform rather than facing all the challenges by himself.