Maintaining smooth operations to build a reliable image

For a company managing Big Data for its customers, building a trustful and reliable image is of utmost importance, especially for HONG KONG COMMUNICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED, which is still starting off. For a business with presence in both China and Hong Kong, it is essential to ensure smooth daily operations to gain the trust of customers. As such, a bank proficient in digital technology is required to help the company develop flexibly.

HK Comms Intl

Mr. Lam, Director of HONG KONG COMMUNICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED, states that, "As a technology company, banking partners must have a professional understanding of the technology industry and our daily needs for financial services. Multifunctional and user-friendly online banking functions are crucial."

Flexible online banking to handle China-Hong Kong business easily

HONG KONG COMMUNICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED is a start-up company providing data storage and maintenance services. Most of its customers are large-scale Chinese and Hong Kong institutions and listed companies, dealing with large amounts of RMB and Hong Kong dollar remittances and transactions daily. Mr. Lam states, "In order to improve the quality of customer service and operation efficiency, our company chose DBS IDEAL online banking and foreign exchange services, which greatly shortened our transactions processing time."

Mr. Lam often travels between China and Hong Kong. Due to his busy schedule, a flexible financial service provider is necessary to assist him in handling banking matters; DBS’ IDEAL online banking platform enables him to process various remittance instantly on his mobile anytime and anywhere, without the need to visit the branches. This allows him to free up more time to focus on managing the company.

Real-time transfers around the clock, no time wasted on waiting!

Technology companies emphasize efficiency. In order to complete tasks on time, they must work closely with different suppliers and business partners.  If funds can be settled efficiently, it bolsters their ability to seize opportunities.

For HONG KONG COMMUNICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED, it is critical that funds can be flexibly allocated between China and Hong Kong. After DBS understood their needs, RMB remittance function is recommended as it enables them to process 24 X 7 instant foreign exchange transaction and transfer money anytime, anywhere on the IDEAL online banking platform. Concurrently, by using the Global Payment Innovation (gpi) service provided by SWIFT, they can track the progress of the remittance in real time so they know exactly the status of the remittance. Its transparency is higher than other similar remittance services in the market.

Mr. LAM states, "The RMB remittance function in the IDEAL online banking platform saves my time for visiting bank branches to handle remittance in person. Moreover, DBS has extended the cut-off time for cross-border and RMB remittances, making cross-border transactions even faster."

For a new established company, smooth daily operations is a must to open up new sources of customers. As a partner, DBS Bank’s online banking services have given an edge to HONG KONG COMMUNICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED with it’s simple and convenient financial service, allowing Mr. Lam to concentrate more on business development.