Fixed Assets

Vehicle Finance

Provide Hire Purchase especially in private car and other vehicle finance

DBS caters for your needs on the purchase of vehicles for your business or personal use. We offer hire purchase plan with attractive interest rate and flexible repayment terms.


Why choose DBS Vehicle Finance?

  • We offer Hire Purchase for private car financing
  • Maximum advance ratio upto 90% of the market value for brand new model
  • Advance ratio for used model can also be upto 85% of the market value
  • Maximum repayment tenor up to 60 months
  • Interest is charged on flat rate basis
  • Comprehensive insurance with coverage amount not less than the financing amount

Private Motor Vehicle Model

New Motor Vehicles Purchased

  • We accept a wide range of motor vehicle models; like popular brand names of BMW, M Benz, Toyota, Honda and Nissan
  • Other brand will also be considered on case by case basis

Used Motor Vehicles

  • We also accept used motor vehicle models not older than 8 years

Eligible Borrower

  • Companies incorporated in Hong Kong or sole proprietorship/partnership carrying on business in Hong Kong
  • Director’s / shareholder’s personal guarantee is required

The Dealer or Supplier of the Vehicle


What are the Basic Documents for Application?
  • Sales & Purchase Agreement
  • C.I. and/or B.R. of Corporate Customer
  • ID & address proof from Guarantor
  • Bank statements for the latest 3 months
  • Latest audited / in-house financial statement
  • Articles of Association


How do I apply?

For further details and application, please feel free to call our Vehicle Finance Hotline +852-3668 0800

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!