Equipment Financing

Finance up to 90% of your equipment

Equipment Financing

Finance up to 90% of your equipment

At a Glance
Need new machinery but short of funds? Equipment Financing provides the solution to ease your mind

Better rate

Competitive interest rates for your equipment loan



Choice of fixed or floating interest rate packages to suit your business needs


Seamless transaction

Bundle your overseas purchases together with our trade and FX services


Convenient to apply

Save time and apply online today!

Loan Amount Up to 90% of the purchase price or valuation (whichever lower)
Loan Tenor Up to 5 years
How to Apply

Simply call DBS SME Loan Hotline at 2290 8123 or visit our SME Banking Centres and our Relationship Manager will be glad to assist you. You will need to provide us with the following documents:

  • Purchase contracts for equipment or commercial vehicles, issued by machine vendors
  • Company (including factories in China/Macau, where applicable) registration documents and business profile
  • Latest 3 years financial reports
  • Latest 6 months bank statements from major banks
What type of equipment can this loan finance?

We finance a wide range of machines and equipment types:

  • Construction and material handling machines
  • Textile machines
  • Printing and paper product machines
  • Plastic injection molding machines, metal processing machines and machine centers
  • PCB drilling and SMT machines
  • Medical Equipment (located in Hong Kong S.A.R. only)

Please note that machines and equipment under our financing have to be located only in Hong Kong S.A.R., Macau S.A.R. and Mainland China.

What are the different types of interest rates used?

We offer Equipment Financing at both flat and floating rates to suit your financing needs.

Can I make full prepayment on the outstanding amount and if so do you charge a fee?

Full prepayment is allowed and we do require prior notice for early termination of the loan. We will charge a prepayment fee on floating-rate loans. For flat-rate loans, total outstanding repayments are required but there will be no prepayment fees.

Do I have to insure the equipment if it is under financing by DBS?

Yes, if you finance the equipment, you will be required to take out an all-risks acceptable and adequate insurance policy at its prevailing market value. Similarly, commercial vehicles under financing also require a comprehensive insurance coverage at its prevailing market value.


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