CTC services

Enhancing Operational Efficiency
and Capitalizing on Growth with a
Corporate Treasury Center

Enhancing Operational Efficiency
and Capitalizing on Growth with a
Corporate Treasury Center

 What are the benefits of setting up a Corporate Treasury Centre (CTC)?

Setting up a CTC to centralise treasury activities allows corporates to enjoy:

  1. Better visibility and control over group liquidity
  2. More effective management of FX and interest rate for risk mitigation
  3. Enhancement of financial returns through economies of scale
  4. Rationalisation of bank account structures and centralisation of banking relationships for price negotiation and cost reduction
  5. Optimisation of working capital and treasury processes to improve efficiency


  What are the potential challenges when setting up a CTC?

Asia continues to be the driver for international growth, attracting global multinationals to set up regional headquarters or offices, while Asian and Chinese corporates are expanding both within the region and beyond as they seek greater operational and financial efficiency. However, as Asia is very diverse in terms of market practice, culture, language, currency, politics, regulations, etc., it is important for corporates to choose a suitable location and the right banking partners for setting up their treasury centres. 


 Why choose Hong Kong for setting up a CTC?

Hong Kong is an open international financial centre and the largest offshore Renminbi hub, offering a robust and extensive financial infrastructure and banking network with a wide range of sophisticated products. Hong Kong also attracts a deep talent pool with multinational experience in financial and professional service industries to support companies, especially Chinese corporates, in establishing treasury centres. CTCs based in Hong Kong can also take advantage of the city’s simple tax regime and income tax incentives which allow qualified corporates to enjoy a 50% reduction in profits tax rate for specified qualifying treasury activities1.


 How can DBS help?

With our Asia-focused branch network, digital capabilities, connectivity and full suite of solutions, DBS is committed to helping corporates improve operational efficiency and capitalise on growth opportunities in Asia whilst supporting their business expansion in the region. 

  • DBS supports fast, cost-effective and secure cross-border payments within the DBS network, complete with real-time tracking capabilities on its online platform to track the transaction status of any cross-border payments. 
  • The bank also helps companies achieve global account visibility via integration with API, host-to-host and SWIFTNet connectivity with an online banking platform for easy account management. 
  • Corporates can establish domestic or cross-border cash pools with DBS to optimise their group liquidity position, minimise working capital gaps, reduce funding costs, manage intercompany lending with appropriate controls and enhance interest yield based on aggregated balances in multiple currencies across various locations. 
  • DBS provides the world’s first online treasury and cash management simulation platform that can help corporates model various cash management solutions and suggest potential solutions to maximise benefits and minimise costs. 
  • DBS has a dedicated Treasury Advisory and Solutioning team that provides consulting and advisory services around strategic planning and end-to-end treasury transformation; and who will work closely with customers as they set up their CTC.

Our commitment to service excellence and providing the best transaction banking and digital solutions to our customers has been well recognised by the market - DBS Hong Kong was named #1 Market Leader and #1 Best Service at the 2023 Euromoney Cash Management Awards.