Partner: JD Logistics

Supply chain financing for cross-border e-Commerce

Partner: JD Logistics

Supply chain financing for cross-border e-Commerce

At a Glance

SMEs in the Hong Kong e-Commerce industry can now enjoy quick financing and easy access to global markets to grow their business.

JD Logistics provides comprehensive supply chain solutions including warehousing management, transportation, delivery, after-sales service, and logistics technology solutions. By partnering with DBS, merchants on the JD Logistics platform no longer face roadblocks such as short trading history and insufficient balance sheet strength to obtain quick financing.

JD Logistics is suitable for Hong Kong e-Commerce merchants that:

  • are looking to scale their business to global markets
  • require quick working capital financing to build supply chain resilience
Features & Benefits

Quick access to financing

Real-time credit assessment, with a loan disbursement as fast as 15 minutes


Less manual paperwork

No additional documentation required for financing support


Customer testimonial

“Goods usually take months to be transported and distributed. Thanks to the partnership with DBS, it will greatly improve the efficiency of supply chain for imported products and merchants’ cash flow which they need to finance their ongoing business operations.”

– Bing Fu, Head of Strategy at JD Logistics