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Enjoy the fun of self-drive with SINOPEC petrol offer brought to you by DBS COMPASS VISA!

SINOPEC SINO X Power Fuel Discount


Upon any purchases on SINO X Power at petrol stations of SINOPEC in Hong Kong every Monday to Friday during the promotion period, you can enjoy below fuel discount of up to HK$10.3/Litre:

  • Offer 1: An instant discount of HK$10.1/Litre by using the exclusive DBS COMPASS VISA e-Coupon from the SINOPEC PLUS APP, and
  • Offer 2: SINOPEC PLUS APP point (the rewarded point value is equivalent to the discount of HK$0.2/Litre)
Remarks: 1. Offers are applicable to transactions which are fully settled by DBS COMPASS VISA (physical card) only. Any payments via eWallet are not eligible to the offer. 2. Cardholders are required to install the SINOPEC PLUS APP and are successfully registered as a SINOPEC PLUS APP member before making the Eligible Transaction. Cardholders should present the e-Coupon to the staff at the Petrol Station and confirm to use the Offers with the Merchant before refueling. 3. At the beginning of the Promotion Period, each Cardholder will receive the e-Coupon via SINOPEC PLUS APP and a new e-Coupon will be generated on the following Tuesday after use. If a Cardholder is newly registered as a SINOPEC PLUS APP member, an e-Coupon will be generated instantly upon the successful registration; The e-Coupon will be valid until 23:59:59 (Hong Kong time) on 28 June 2024. Each Cardholder’s SINOPEC PLUS APP account will have only one e-Coupon at the same time. 4. SINOPEC PLUS APP point value under Offer 2 is calculated based on the list price of SINO X Power as of 28 March 2024 and the instant discount of HK$10.1/Litre under Offer 1. Each SINOPEC PLUS APP member can earn 45 SINOPEC PLUS APP points upon every HK$100 spending of SINO X Power. The SINOPEC PLUS APP point value is calculated based on the redemption of every 6,500 SINOPEC PLUS APP points for HK$200 worth of fuel cash coupon. 5. Offers are not applicable to Chai Wan, Discovery Bay, Airsides Stations and LPG Stations.


How to Become a SINOPEC PLUS APP Member & Use the e-Coupon?

Being a SINOPEC PLUS APP member

Using DBS COMPASS VISA Exclusive e-Coupons

For the use of SINOPEC PLUS APP, please check with merchant for details.


SINOPEC HK Station Network


Promotion Period

  • 2 April – 28 June 2024 (every Monday to Friday)


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