Functional Enhancements of DBS iBanking and DBS mBanking

With effect from 6 Mar 2016, the following enhanced services will be available on DBS iBanking and DBS mBanking:

  • New features of overseas funds transfer services on DBS iBanking
  • New “DBS Remit” service is introduced for transferring designated currencies to DBS Singapore Accounts or any bank accounts in China and UK.
  • Recipient information will be saved automatically to the registered payee list upon successful submission of instruction. You may enquire registered payee list and transaction status via DBS iBanking.
    * Please note the "Funds Transfer to Overseas Account" and "DBS Remit" services are not applicable to joint accounts.
  • New daily transaction limit for Overseas Funds Transfer
  • The new daily limit is shared between the "Funds Transfer to Overseas Account" and "DBS Remit" services.
  • The maximum limit for Overseas Funds Transfer is HKD1,000,000.
    For existing iBanking customers, the default daily transaction limit will be set according to your daily limit for Funds Transfer to Non-Registered Third Party Account as of 5 March 2016. For new iBanking customers, the default daily limit will be HKD 0. You may manage the transaction limit via DBS iBanking with your Secure Device and SMS One Time Password.
  • Simplified application procedures for credit cards and personal loans via DBS iBanking
  • Existing principal credit card customers may apply for an additional credit card easily without filling in any personal or credit card information.
  • Applying personal loans through DBS iBanking, the application form is prefilled. Application can be completed in simple steps with the approval result available in 1 minute.
  • The savings and current accounts transaction history has been extended to cover the past 6 months (up to 3 months in each query) on DBS iBanking and DBS mBanking.
  • If you have instructed that only transactions requiring a higher level of security be authenticated using Secure Device and/or SMS OTP, you may now login with your username and password to enjoy our securities trading service. We will send you an SMS notification after you placed a securities trading order via DBS iBanking or DBS mBanking.
  • In case delivery of any email notifications to your registered email address fails, we will notify you by SMS/letter. You may log in to DBS iBanking to update your email address.

Should you have any enquiries, please call our Customer Services Hotline at 2290 8888 (press 6 after language selection).

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
6 March 2016