Functional Enhancements of DBS mBanking

With effect from 9 February 2014, DBS mBanking would be enhanced with the following new functions:
  1. New Order Type: Stop Loss Order for Securities Trading

If you are too busy to closely monitor the market, you can set up a Stop Loss Order to preset the selling price range, namely the Stop Loss Price and Lowest Selling Price, which will be valid for maximum 5 trading days. When the nominal price hits or is lower than your predefined Stop Loss Price, your sell order will be placed to the market to minimize your potential loss in a volatile stock market.

  1. Securities Trading Under the Dual Tranche, Dual Counter (DTDC) Model

The DTDC model gives you the flexibility to trade shares issued in HKD and RMB by the same issuer. Under this model, your DTDC shares in one counter (HKD or RMB) can be transferred to the other counter for trading on the SEHK.

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited


9 February 2014