Financial Needs Analysis

Our Financial Needs Analysis is an objective assessment of your risk profile based on your willingness and capabilities to accept investment risk as well as your return objective and the associated level of risk required to achieve the return. The indicated risk profile will form the basis for selection of the appropriate investment products for you but you can choose a more prudent risk profile class.

A typical investor in each risk profile is described as below:

Risk Profile Class



Security of capital is important to you. You are only prepared to accept minimal risk of capital loss. Therefore, you are willing to accept minimal or very low returns.


Your priority is to protect your accumulated wealth. You can accept the risk of a small capital loss and tolerate small fluctuations in capital in order to increase your potential income and returns.


You are investing for potentially moderate income and/or growth of capital over the medium term. There may be moderate capital loss at some points of time during your planned investment horizon, but you can tolerate moderate fluctuations of capital in order to achieve the potential for a moderate average return over your investment horizon.


You are investing for high capital growth over the medium to long term. There may be high capital loss at some points of time during your planned investment horizon, but you can tolerate large fluctuations of capital in order to pursue a high average return over your investment horizon.


You want to accumulate a significant amount of wealth. You aim to maximize capital appreciation over a long term. Minimizing risks is not your primary concern. You can tolerate the risk of significant fluctuation in your capital in order to pursue a substantially high average return over your investment horizon.

Our investment products are also classified into 5 risk classes: from P1 to P5 (with P5 as the highest risk class). The product risk rating is based on our proprietary risk rating methodology which takes into consideration a variety of qualitative and quantitative factors. For example: Currency Linked Investment is a P3 product and Equity Linked Investment is a P4 or P5 product, while fund products are among P1 to P5 as determined by their individual risk levels.

You may consider choosing the relevant investment products according to your investment risk class and financial needs.

Your risk class

Corresponding investment product risk class for consideration




P2 or below


P3 or below


P4 or below


P5 or below (P5 as the highest risk class)

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    This Financial Needs Analysis does not constitute any offer to sell, solicitation for offer to purchase or recommendation of any investment product or service to any person and should not be considered as investment advice by the Bank.

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