Terms and Conditions

  1. If you are 65 years old or above, or your education level is Primary 6 or below, or your investable assets are HK$100,000 or below, you are advised to be accompanied by a family member, a close relative or a friend to conduct this FNA. Please contact DBS Staff if you require this arrangement.
  2. Please seek help from DBS Bank Staff if you have any queries on the FNA Questionnaire.
  3. Please keep your DBS iBanking username and password to yourself when logging on to DBS iBanking in this computer.
  4. Please do NOT disclose your DBS iBanking username and password to anyone including DBS Bank Staff. DBS Bank Staff will never ask you to provide your passwords under any circumstances.
  5. This computer is NOT going to store any of your personal data.
  6. Please do NOT use this computer to visit any websites except DBS iBanking.
  7. Please do NOT download any items to this computer.
  8. Please logout of DBS iBanking and notify DBS Bank Staff after you have completed the FNA Questionnaire or whenever you leave this computer. DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited accepts no liability for any losses or damages arising from your failure to logout of DBS iBanking.
I have read and understood the above Important Notes