Online Money Safe Guarantee

As a bank that cares, we have developed security features that protect every transaction you make with DBS iBanking and DBS digibank HK. Now DBS Hong Kong guarantees your money is secured when you bank online. In the unlikely event that there is an unauthorised transaction, we will repay the money taken from your account subject to the terms and conditions that apply to Online Money Safe Guarantee.

While we will protect you with the latest online security, nonetheless as a customer you also have a role to play in protecting yourself online and taking security measures to safeguard your account against unauthorised access.

Our guarantee shall protect you under the condition that you keep yourself secure when using any online means, including but not limited to the following steps:

  • You have accessed DBS iBanking through the genuine website of our Bank (
  • You have accessed DBS digibank HK through the official smartphone app.
  • You have not given your access codes (including usernames, passwords, Secure PIN, OTP or any other security codes) to anyone.
  • You have kept your Secure Device and mobile phone (with Digital Token and/or for receiving OTPs) secure.
  • You do not use an account aggregation service (a service provided by another company that allows customers to view all their bank details on a single website) or similar service.
  • You have at all times followed our recommended security practices and complied with your obligations in the terms and conditions that apply to your account(s), DBS iBanking and DBS digibank HK services.
  • You monitor records of your transactions regularly, and report any discrepancy to us within 90 days upon receipt of your statement of account.
  • You notify us immediately when you become aware of any actual or suspected security breach or fraud (telephone number: 2290 8888 (press 6 and then 1 after language selection)).
  • When you report an actual or suspected security breach or fraud, you are required to help us by surrendering your full co-operation and providing all necessary information as requested, including working with relevant authorities.

The replacement of your money is limited to the amount illegally transferred from your account(s). This guarantee does not cover any other losses, including indirect, consequential or special losses, damages, expenses, legal fees or loss of opportunity.

The guarantee will not apply where the transaction was carried out with your knowledge and consent, or where you have acted fraudulently, dishonestly or in a criminal manner, alone or with others.

We shall commence investigations the moment you inform us that your account has been compromised and we shall get back to you within seven working days. Depending on the complexity of the claims, which may require more time for investigations, we shall notify you accordingly.

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This guarantee is given by DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited in connection with DBS iBanking and DBS digibank HK service.

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