Calculation of Total Relationship Balance

The calculation of Total Relationship Balance is the total assets that a Customer maintained with the Bank, regardless it is solely or jointly owned by the Customer. The asset include Hong Kong dollar, Renminbi and Foreign currency deposits, Currency Linked Investment, market value of local and overseas securities, investment funds, bonds and other linked or structured investment products.

Earn better Time Deposit rates with higher TRB

DBS offers the tiered interest rates on Time Deposits based on your TRB, with DBS Treasures customers enjoying the higher interest rates.

Monthly service fee for non-packaged accounts

The minimum monthly TRB requirement for a non-packaged account is HK$30,000 or its equivalent. If it falls below this amount, a monthly service fee of HK$50 will be charged. Please refer to the "Remarks" for details.


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  1. The monthly service fee for non-packaged account customers with deposit accounts, including HK Dollar Savings, Multi-Currency Savings or Current Account, will be charged monthly and is based on the customers' average daily Total Relationship Balance as at each month‘s end.
  2. For customers with both single and joint accounts, the combined Total Relationship Balance with DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the "Bank") will be used for determining the Time Deposit rates and the applicable monthly service fee. In this case, joint account customers should understand that certain information about ALL the other accounts of each customer will become available. Customers can request to separate the Total Relationship Balance calculation at our branches or contact our Customer Service Hotline on 2290 8888 (press "2" and then "4" after language selection).
  3. Customers who have opened both a non-packaged account and a packaged account with the Bank will be categorised as a packaged account holder. For those customers who have two or more joint accounts with no single account, each of their joint accounts will need to meet the minimum balance requirement. Otherwise, a monthly service fee will be charged to all of the joint accounts.
  4. The following customers are exempted from the monthly service fee:
    • Customers aged 65 or above
    • Customers aged below 18
    • Customers with disabilities (including physical and mental disabilities)
    • Customers with income below the minimum level of relevant income for Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) contributions in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    • Customers receiving Government Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (supporting documents required)
    • Customers receiving Government Disability Allowance (supporting documents required)
    • Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) customers with deposit accounts entitled to a waiver for 3 months
    • Unsecured lending customers are entitled to waiver until termination of loan account
  5. Total Relationship Balance calculation is applicable to Consumer Banking customers only. The Bank reserves the right to make the final decision on all matters concerning this service and the calculation of Total Relationship Balance.

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