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One-Time Password for Reliable Online Purchase DBS always strives for the most reliable banking services. For you to shop with your desired DBS Credit Card anytime reliably, we are going to bring you the new Verified by Visa/ MasterCard SecureCode/ American Express SafeKey "One-Time Password" (OTP) designated for online transactions.


What is One-Time Password?


OTP is used for online authentication. OTP will replace the current Verified by VISA password and the authentication will be extended to MasterCard and American Express Card. You can simply enjoy a higher level of security in online shopping experiences, and yet with greater convenience of not having to memorise the password.


How does it work?


When you use your VISA, MasterCard or American Express Card issued by us for online purchases in Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode / American Express SafeKey enabled websites, after filling in the credit card numbers and other required information, a pop-up window will request you for OTP, which will be simultaneously sent by mobile phone SMS. Once OTP is correctly input, the online transaction will be authenticated.

You will not receive any OTP if you have not registered a valid mobile phone number in our record. In that case, a pop-up window will remind you to register a valid mobile phone number with us for receiving OTP. Your online transaction could be completed without authentication.
Terms & Conditions

No extra cost and registration are required to enjoy these new protections for using your DBS Credit Cards reliably. Simply provide us with your updated and valid mobile phone number by filling in and returning Customer Information Change Form.

Important Hints When Using Your DBS Credit Card When you receive the DBS Credit Card
    • Sign on the back of the card immediately
    • Keep your card safely

How to keep the card safe
    • Protect your cards as if they were cash. Do not leave them unattended anywhere.
    • Check your cards periodically to make sure none of them are missing.
    • Make a list of your credit card numbers and the telephone numbers that you should use to report lost or stolen cards. Keep the list in a safe place, away from the cards .
    • Check your card expiry date. If a replacement card has not arrived 7 days before your current card expires, call the 24-hour Customer Service Hotline 2290 8888 immediately.
    • If your card is lost, stolen or used by other persons without your authorization, call the 24-hour Customer Service Hotline 2290 8888 immediately.

How to keep the Personal Identification Number (PIN) secret
    • Destroy the printed copy of the PIN after memorizing it.
    • Never write down the PIN on your card or on anything usually kept with or near it.
    • If the PIN is written down, it should always be disguised.
    • PIN should frequently be changed.
    • Avoid using easily accessible personal information, such as your identity card number, date of birth, telephone number or other obvious numbers as self-selected PIN .
    • Do not disclose your PIN to anyone at any time or under any circumstances, including bank staff and the Police
    • Be alert of suspicious person watching you before you key in your PIN to avoid unauthorized disclosure of PIN.
    • If your PIN is lost, stolen or you suspect the PIN is known by another person, call the 24-hour Customer Service Hotline 2290 8888 immediately.

When you make purchase with your card
    • Ensure that you get your card back after every purchase . Check that t he card returned to you is yours.
    • Do not sign any blank sales slip or sales slip without an amount and ensure that all copies of sales slips are destroyed if you cancel a transaction.
    • Check the total amount on all sales slips before signing.
    • Keep all copies of sales slip for record and check with your monthly statements.

When you withdraw cash with your card
    • After completing an ATM transaction, remember to take your card. Keep copies of your ATM receipts and check with your monthly statements.
    • When your card was stuck inside an ATM machine, ask a bank staff for help. Do not accept anyone offering help.

General points to remember
  • Allow no one else to use your Card or your PIN.
  • Check all credit card transactions on your monthly statements, especially after a trip . Check all transactions, even the small ones . If you found any suspicious transactions, call the 24-hour Customer Service Hotline 2290 8888 immediately.
  • Do not use a shared computer or a device that cannot be trusted, such as an internet cafe computer for entering your personal or credit card information.
  • Do not respond to emails or phone calls that ask you to provide personal or credit card information.

Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!