Other Policies

Other Policies

DBS has voluntarily adopted Code of Practice on Person-to-Person Marketing Calls

In an effort to better serve our customers, DBS has adopted the Code of Practice (CoP) on Person-to-Person Marketing Calls. CoP is issued jointly by The Hong Kong Association of Banks (HKAB) and The Hong Kong Association of Restricted Licence Banks and Deposit-taking Companies (The DTC Association) and endorsed by the Office of the Telecommunications Authority. Please click here for details.

Customer acceptance and account opening policies

Our customer acceptance polices and account opening procedures are set to meet the statutory requirements and regulatory standards in Hong Kong and Singapore. Below link lists out the basic required documents from you regarding opening a personal account, and helps us process your account opening application quickly and with the minimum effort.

How to Apply for Personal Bank Account

DBS Bank Sanctions Policy Statement

DBS aligns with international consensus on sanctions, including combating proliferation financing. DBS will not be able to process any transaction if it involves sanctioned countries such as North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba and the Crimean region. For more details, please click here.