Is your life meeting your expectations?
01 Jan 2024

Is your life meeting your expectations?

We all long for different things in life. Getting married, having children, supporting our parents as they grow old and much more. Our responsibilities grow with our age because we are no longer on our own. We have to also think about our families and what we expect out of life may change. No matter what stage of life you are at right now or what your expectations are, having enough money will make all the difference to whether you meet your goals or not.

Do you have to own a home before having a family?

Stepping into the society for a while, you may have met the “right one”. When friends around you are getting married, you will eventually want to settle down with your partner as well. But this means you will need thousands of dollars for your wedding and honeymoon, along with money for a down payment on a flat. Given sky-high housing prices in Hong Kong, the choice of buying or renting a flat becomes a huge concern for every couple who wishes to start a family. Apart from wedding and housing expenditures, we must not forget the importance of having a regular cash flow for utilities and all other daily expenses.

Is $4 million enough to raise a child?

A while ago it was suggested that it costs HK$4 million to raise a child. But now it is probably far more! Having a good financial budget is as important as time management if you want to give birth to a baby. Even before he is born, money takes a big role to consider to cover expenses such as medical care, antenatal check-ups, hospitalisation and even prenatal supplements. If you plan to give birth in a private hospital, it could cost as much as HK$100,000. Every parent wants to give their child the best, not only for daily life, but also provide a good learning environment and exposure such as going on study trips and performing extra-curricular activities. As the years go by, costs are likely to rise considerably, so you need to think carefully about your plans and expectations of your child’s education together with your long-term financial budget.

Supporting the family, your past and the next generation

In addition to supporting your own family, you also have to think about your retired parents who need your care. We all want our parents to enjoy life in their later stage however, with daily expenses, insurance payments and elderly homes fees if needed, these are just some costs we need to consider. Not to mention accidents or medical bills to be paid as they may become weaker with age. Planning for the future by managing your money for your families takes more importance as we grow older.

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  1. We reserve the right to request additional documents for application approval.
  2. The annualized percentage rate (“APR”) is calculated in accordance with the guideline issued in respect of the Code of Banking Practice.


Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

If a customer decides to early pay off the loan, customer should assess whether the Early Settlement Administrative Fee outweighs the interest saved. For details of such administrative fee, please refer to the Personal Instalment Loan Terms and Conditions.