Supplier Payment Services

Enhance your cash flow by financing key suppliers

Supplier Payment Services

Enhance your cash flow by financing key suppliers

At a glance

Improve your cash flow by extending supplier payment terms and providing your suppliers with access to financing at attractive rates based on your stronger credit rating.

To do this, you appoint DBS as the payment agent for recommended suppliers. We then discount supplier invoices for early payments or make payments to suppliers on maturity.


Improve cash flow and working capital

DBS makes early payment to your suppliers with minimal impact on suppliers’ working capital. You can enhance supplier relationships, creating opportunities to negotiate better terms and payment extensions


Support payments globally

DBS discounts  invoices at a pre-agreed level and provides early payment to your suppliers. DBS supports payments to all suppliers in any part of the world upon receipt of a recommendation letter submitted by you


Manage and track transactions

DBS IDEAL allows you and your counterparties to manage and track your transactions in an automated and secure environment

Post-shipment Post-acceptance Solution

SPS is a post-shipment solution offered to Anchor Buyers through an early payment service to be arranged with your Suppliers at a pre-agreed rate. If your suppliers do not wish to be part of the early payment programme, remittance on the due date can be arranged based on future dated irrevocable payment instructions from you.

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