Digital Business Leaders Series 2022

The second edition of the Digital Business Leaders Series 2021 brought together senior leaders and industry experts to discuss how digital solutions are transforming and creating value for businesses.

Themed "Back to the Future“, two highly engaging sessions dived into how a contact-free interaction between businesses and their customers, suppliers and employees has put global supply chains to the test while opening up opportunities in the new digital economy connected by ecosystems and a plethora of digital tools. 
In the first session, we were joined by esteemed speakers from Olam International, Trafigura Group and VF Asia delving into how traceability, transparency and capital efficiency will enable sustainability and resilience in the supply chain of the future. 

Switching gears to the next session on catalysing the digital economy, renowned leaders and founders from B Capital, Carro, Funding Societies, Jungle Ventures and Love, Bonito peered into how digital solutions and venture debt funding are scaling the next-generation companies and building leaders of tomorrow for Asia’s digital economy.  

Watch the day’s highlights here:

Highlights - Trade Digitalisation to Achieve Sustainability and Resilience in the Supply Chain

Highlights - Identifying Catalysts to Accelerate the Digital Economy

Welcome addresses

In her welcome addresses, Tan Su Shan, Group Head of Institutional Banking at DBS, shared how DBS empowers our clients by enabling them with digital and financing tools in their digitalisation and carbon transition journeys. 


    Tan Su Shan called for a glide path to net zero so as to bring sustainability to the next level.


    Tan Su Shan addressed the importance for banks to empower future unicorns for the digital economy.

Expert panels

Catch the full insights from esteemed speakers as they dissect the topics on trade digitalisation in the supply chain and catalysing the digital economy.

  • Trade Digitalisation

    Experts addressed the importance of digital traceability and transparency in the supply chain.

  • Digital Economy

    Experts opined that next-gen companies can leverage digital solutions and debt financing to scale.

Sharing sessions

Experts shed light on how green financing solutions is embedding sustainability into all stages of the supply chain for a more sustainable future, as well as how a homegrown fashion label reinvented retail for the new age consumers.

  • Trading Better for a Better World

    Yulanda Chung shared the vast potential of embedding sustainability into trade digitalisation.

  • Story of Love, Bonito’s Transformation

    Rachel Lim opened up on getting funding and winning collaborations.

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