Process your recurrent high volume transactions, such as payment of salary, with our cost effective Autopay services


DBS Autopay offers a convenient, efficient and low-cost bulk payment services to corporate customers. You can make bulk payments such as supplier and payroll instructions easily via our IDEAL™3.0. With the full set of status reports, you can also reconcile your payments and manage your funds to run your business efficiently and effectively.



DBS IDEAL™3.0, our corporate online banking platform offers you an easy to use online platform that makes your Autopay submission faster, simpler and smarter. To save your time from creating bulk transaction repeatedly, bank and beneficiary libraries are available to ensure you’ll always be able to access the most up-to-date and accurate beneficiary details. In addition, with the payment template feature, making repeated payments are just a few clicks away. To further streamline your company’s payment and reconciliation processes, you can also integrate your ERP system with IDEAL™3.0.


Types of Autopay

We have 3 types of Autopay instructions to suit all your business needs
  • Payroll – facilitate your payroll payments in swift manner. DBS will process your instructions in the same-day if you submit them before 12:30pm; minimize the turnaround time of your payment of salary
  • Autopay – pay a single beneficiary with account in DBS or any local banks easily and effectively
  • Bulk Payment – effectively pay a number of parties in one single transaction


Why choose DBS Autopay?

  • Reduce the administrative costs as it reduces repetitive data entry work and the risk of handling cash.
  • Transactions can be uploaded in an encrypted file which highly increases the security of transaction.
  • Make payments simply and quickly via IDEAL™3.0 through our innovative transaction features such as Transfer Wizard.
  • Submit Payroll instructions by 12:30pm and enjoy the same-day payment process.
  • Automate your payment and reconciliation workflow by (integrating your ERP system with IDEAL™3.0. Ensure your banking needs are met with our dedicated team of relationship managers and customer service staff to assist you.


What is IDEAL™3.0?

DBS IDEAL™ 3.0, our corporate online banking platform features a comprehensive range of products and services to manage your working capital. Whether you are looking to monitor for incoming funds, view remittance advice and statement for reconciliation purposes, or simply pay your employees and suppliers, IDEAL™ 3.0 offers you an easy to use platform that makes banking faster, simpler and smarter.

What is the cutoff time of Autopay over IDEAL™3.0?

The cutoff time of Payroll instructions via IDEAL™3.0 is 12:30pm, instructions submitted before the cutoff will be processed on the same day. The cutoff time of Autopay and Bulk Payment via IDEAL™3.0 is 7pm. Instructions submitted before the cutoff will be processed in the next business day.

Can I create Autopay payments from overseas?

Although Autopay is Hong Kong local payment, you can still create and submit the payment instruction from overseas via IDEAL™3.0.

How to update AutoCash?
  1. Please make sure you have System Administrator rights to execute the following procedures
  2. Locate your AutoCash system folder
  3. Download the updated package here
  4. Unzip and store the file in your AutoCash system folder
  5. Please complete your date by 30 September, 2020


How do I apply?

Simply call our DBS Business Care at 2290 8068 to fix an appointment. Our Relationship Manager will be glad to assist you.

Get in Touch

DBS BusinessCare: 2290 8068

Get in Touch

DBS BusinessCare: 2290 8068