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Your Accounts

HKD Savings & Current Accounts

HKD Savings & Current AccountsManage your savings and expenses with flexibility and convenience by choosing from an array of interest-earning accounts.

Automatic Fund Flow

Automatic Fund FlowSettle your expenses and manage your savings automatically at the same time

DBS Treasures Octopus ATM Card

DBS Treasures Octopus ATM CardCombining the features of ATM functions and Octopus card, and the Octopus AAVS has been pre-activated for you. Enjoy the ultimate shopping convenience with our services.

Renminbi Services

Renminbi ServicesManage your Renminbi (RMB) funds with our wide range of RMB products and services.

Multi-Currency Savings Account

Multi-Currency Savings AccountAn interest-earning, all-in-one account that lets you save and transact in 13 multiple currencies.

Time Deposit

Time DepositWe offer you with different combinations of deposit tenor, deposit currency and renewal instructions.