Important Note

Whole-in-One Prime 2 is a long-term participating life-insurance plan underwritten by Manulife (International) Limited (incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability) (“Manulife”). DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”) is acting as an insurance agent of Manulife.

The product is an insurance product and is neither a bank deposit nor a bank saving plan.


Key Features

  • Preserve and grow what you have earned
  • Ensure a secure future for your loved ones
  • Convenience of one-time premium payment
  • Rewards for a healthy lifestyle

Please see the leaflet for details

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How to Apply

  • Call our customer service hotline 2290 8888 for enquiry
  • Call to enquire the Manulife Customer Service Hotline at 2510 3383

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Help you benefit from life protection while enjoying financial flexibility

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Important Notes

  1. The below is provided to you in the Bank’s capacity as an authorized institution regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.
    • Whole-in-One Prime 2 is a long-term participating life-insurance plan with a savings element. Part of the premium pays for the insurance and related costs. The savings element is reflected in the cash value, which includes guaranteed cash value, non-guaranteed annual dividend and non-guaranteed terminal bonus. You should be prepared to hold this product for the long term to achieve the savings target.
    • Credit Risk - Any premiums you paid would become part of Manulife’s assets and so you will be exposed to Manulife’s credit risk. Manulife’s financial strength may affect Manulife’s ability to meet the ongoing obligations under the insurance policy.
    • Risk from cashing in (surrender) early - If you cash in the policy, the amount Manulife will pay is the cash value worked out at the time you cash in the policy, less any amount you owe Manulife. Depending on when you cash in your policy, this may be considerably less than the total premiums you have paid. You should refer to the proposal for the illustrations of the cash value Manulife project.
  2. This webpage is only a reference. You should not base solely on this website to make decision on applying for the product. The risks disclosed above are not exhaustive and you should refer to the product leaflet, proposal and policy provision for the risk disclosures and exact terms and conditions and if in doubt, seek independent professional advice.
  3. This webpage is only for use in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.