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15 May 2023

ESG ETFs - Cleaner and greener for better returns

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Story of the day

Net zero and carbon neutral commitments highlight the growing urgency and focus on combating climate change. 140 countries including the US, China, and India announced or are considering net zero targets, covering close to 90% of global emissions.

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What does this mean for your portfolio?

Research has shown a positive correlation between companies’ financial performance – and thus returns to shareholders – and their sustainability efforts. Sustainability-focused funds have also consistently outperformed their vanilla counterparts over longer investment horizons.

We like these:

ETF in the renewable space

According to the International Energy Agency, global electricity generated by renewable energy is projected to increase exponentially from 22.8% in 2015 to 38.1% in 2027. This seems like a segment too big and fast-growing for investors to ignore.

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