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15 Dec 2022

#ideas2invest: Thematic Strategy 4Q22: Luxury in Vogue

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Story of the day

The luxury sector has seen steady financial performance and strong consumer demand, backed by sound business fundamentals, solid pricing structures, wide exposure to a variety of markets, and strict control over supply chains.

With their continued appeal to a new generation of consumers, we anticipate that the sector will be able to maintain premium valuations that will never go out of style.

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What does this mean for your portfolio?

Resilience, layered with the agility of successful players to pivot with the times and embrace structural shifts, makes the luxury sector a means for investors to benefit from growth in global wealth, consumption, and consumer trends, providing sectoral exposure that will not go out of vogue.

We like these:

Looking ahead, the Metaverse presents the next digital frontier for luxury, and top brands have been early movers in engaging customers in this realm. In addition, with the world’s largest population, a rising upper-middle class, and increasing urbanisation, long-term luxury consumption prospects remain strong for China.

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