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07 Oct 2022

#ideas2invest: China/Hong Kong Market - Pick Policy Beneficiaries

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Sector analysts anticipate a better economic outlook for China/Hong Kong markets in 2H22 on the back of improving consumer confidence as stimulus measures take effect alongside margin expansion on easing costs of raw materials. Hong Kong-related sectors are expected to be beneficiaries of stimulus measures, underpinned by potential international border reopening and consumption recovery. However, the property crisis continues to pose major concerns for 2H in China.

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What does this mean for your portfolio?

With stimulus measures a likely play in 2H, focusing on economic recovery and exit from China’s dynamic zero-Covid policy, we continue to favour beneficiaries of supporting policies such as renewables and new economy stocks.

We like these:

DBS China/HK Top Picks

We continue to favour sectors that would benefit from policy support, overhang removal, rising interest rates.

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