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07 Jun 2022

China's Renewable Sector: Sun's up for solar energy

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Story of the day

High polysilicon prices have been a key overhang in the solar segment of China's renewable sector, cited by various solar chain participants as the biggest constraint to new installations. With new polysilicon supply coming to the market, we expect polysilicon prices to soften by around 15% starting in the third quarter.

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What does this mean for your portfolio?

A decrease in polysilicon prices should help the entire solar value chain return to more rational pricing. Resolution of the polysilicon bottleneck will benefit overall solar installations, helping demand and sales of solar component manufacturers.

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Solar component manufacturers

With new polysilicon supply coming to the market, a key bottleneck for solar installations is removed. As downstream solar operators expand their generation capacity in 2H22-23, demand for solar components should benefit.

This should help drive the sales volume of solar component manufacturers. Resolution of the polysilicon bottleneck should help drive demand for modules, of which solar glass would be a key component.

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